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All the information that you will ever need to completely change anything you wish in your life, already exists. If your desire is to become more successful, financially independent, healthier, wealthier or even more sophisticated the information is readily available. People from every conceivable sector or walk of life have written books, made audio or video recordings that chronicle their life experiences and offer advice that can and will help you to achieve then most remarkable levels of success.

This wealth of knowledge is available everywhere and can be obtained free of charge from the libraries that are in every suburb. There really is no excuse for allowing yourself to remain stuck in poverty or in an unsatisfying career. All that is required for you to turn yourself into a top achiever, is for you to commit to acquire the knowledge needed and then to apply this knowledge daily in your life. Take the plunge today and take advantage of the gift the people that have gone before, have left to instruct and inspire us. The gift of their insights allows us to modify our plans, if need be, and avoid the mistakes they made. When we arrange our lives based on the wise advice of the super achievers that have gone before us, we equip ourselves with a recipe for success. With all this information, knowledge and insight around that can and will most certainly transform your life, your fortune, your relationships, your health and happiness. How many of these nuggets of transformational power have you read, listened to or watched in the last ninety days? If you are part of the select group that has done the work of acquiring this knowledge, have you applied any of this knowledge in your life? Are you someone that cannot read or are you just someone that will not read or commit to your ongoing growth and learning? Why are you neglecting to read the books, listen to the audio books or watch the videos that can positively transform your life? Seeking to constantly improve and grow is absolutely essential for anyone that wants to rise above the ordinary. Do not allow anything to stand between you and the knowledge, information or skill that can transform your life. A small amount of discipline practiced every day will have astounding results on every area of your life. Unfortunately the opposite is also true, if you fail to practice the discipline every day and you do not expand your knowledge, then ignorance will quickly move in to fill the void. If you are seeking a better life, then you must first commit to become a better person. You must commit to ongoing life long learning and self mastery for the purpose of becoming just a little better today than you were yesterday. Your commitment to apply this philosophy will most certainly make anything possible for you. I challenge you to find a book that will help you to grow and to commit just 30 minutes every day to read that book. Also get an audio recording that you can listen to as you commute in your car every day. These two new small disciplines will completely change your life and your fortune.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers Johannesburg




  • well…i can read ,i want to change…..i can change if i want ,i can’t want to…wow….
    there is sooo much on my “tape” (means to me unconscious mind) which needs definitely another tune…..i did start to work with EFT.As Bruce Lipton said: 95 % is in the unconscious mind

    • Hi Petra. The first step to change your life is the willingness to do so. The second step is to decide you want to change and then all that remains is the discipline to carry out the required daily actions to make it all happen for you. Although that sounds like common sense. It is unfortunately not common practice. May you have a blessed and wondereful day

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