Motivational Speakers South Africa – Motivation is never a Solution, It is a Symptom

Motivational Speakers South Africa

Motivation is never a Solution, It is a Symptom

You can, and never will, find any meaning and fulfilment in your life or business, if you go to a job every day just to make money. A job is something you do whilst in college to help you pay the bills. A vocation on the other hand, is something you do because you enjoy doing it and you feel inspired by the meaning you get from it every day. When your vocation is aligned with your highest values, you will never need any external motivation, you will be driven by a flame of inspiration, which burns from within, to carry out all the necessary activities every day. Your vocation will add real meaning and fulfilment to your life.

Don’t Look for Security, Look for fulfilment

When we look for a JOB (just over Broke) we search for the highest paying one, regardless of industry, regardless of any fulfilment we may get and regardless of any meaning, which could flow to us. Chasing money as your first objective in any job or even when you operate as an entrepreneur will enslave you to a career or business, which offers you no meaning or fulfilment. You will never have the drive or passion to really excel and fulfil your full potential. Search and discover what you really love doing and find a way to make a living doing just that. When you are working in a vocation, which is aligned with your highest values, you will excel at what you do. You will get to bask in abundance in every possible way. Money will easily flow to you, you will love what you do, inspiration will flow from every pore of your body and success will be effortless.

Remain the Master of your Life

When you are doing what you love, you obviously get to love what you do. This makes you the master of your destiny and fills your days with incredible value and meaning. You will always live in a place of fair exchange, where you will be rewarded for the value you bring to the world. When you operate in a world, where you are fulfilled, you will see all the abundance around you and believe me, you will get to share in it too. Strive to live in a place of fair exchange, where you under promise and consistently over deliver and there will always be an abundant demand for you. You will make a real contribution to the world and live a life of significance.

Chase Your Passion

Discover what your values are, what really matters to you and turn that into your vocation or business. Find a cause bigger than you, one that will benefit humankind and you will have discovered the path to invite unlimited abundance into your experience. You will no longer need to find ways to get through the day, week or year. You will be living a life of meaning, where you will be getting so much from your day, week or year. You will wake up every day filled with passion and a deep rooted desire to live in a place of grace and to contribute real value to everyone around you.

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  • I especially appreciate “Don’t Look for Security, Look for fulfillment” it reminds me of a favorite Helen Keller quote I have long loved that says, ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.” Yet, fulfillment CAN be found when we value the process and proceed with love in it. Thank you for your thought provoking writing! So glad I found your work!

    • Thanks so much for the feedback and the reminder about the Helen Keller quote. I really appreciate your input. May you have a wonderful and blessed week filled with love and grace

  • Thanks David. Your feedback is most sincerely appreciated. Your wise words are really great and really contribute to this blog. May you have a wonderful and successful week.

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