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Know and Play to Your Strength Zone

My experience has shown me that when you focus your energy on improving your strengths and carrying out only activities, which are aligned with these, you are far more effective and efficient. Average people spend time to save money, doing things they hate, whilst super achievers spend money to save time, so they can focus on doing what they love. Money is infinite and easy to earn, whilst your time is finite and far more valuable.

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in the field of time management training will show you that the most effective way to utilise your time is to focus on only doing the things you are good at and to get people, who play at what you feel drains your energy, to do the tasks you find difficult or tedious. When you focus all your energy on doing what you love doing and only do tasks, which are aligned with your strength zone. You not only become far more productive, but you also get to enjoy your life far more.

I am positive that Richard Branson and Donald Trump are as successful as they are, because they use their available time, focused in their strengths zone. They never waste valuable time doing things they hate or are not good at doing. Stop doing the things you hate and you will add many hours of productivity to your day.

Action Idea: Spend one day focused on doing things you are good at and love doing. At the end of the day examine how much more productive you were and how much you enjoyed your day. Now gradually extend this exercise until you have delegated all the tasks you hate, to people, who are more effective at carrying out those tasks than you are. When you do this, the tasks you hate doing get done far better because they are being done by people that love doing those things and you get a whole lot more time to do the things you excel at doing. Everything becomes far more efficient, effective and enjoyable.

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers will ask you to imagine how amazing your life will be, when your entire day is invested into doing the things you love and are good at doing. You get to live the life of your dreams and success becomes almost effortless, as you do what you love and love what you do. Now add your commitment to constant and never ending improvement into the mix, where you focus all your energy on only improving your strengths. Your growth is diluted if you waste time trying to improve areas where you have any weaknesses

Action Idea: Identify a specific area in your strength zone and introduce a focused approach to improve this strength. Only read books, listen to audio books and attend seminars that are dedicated to improving this strength over the next 90 days. This focused approach will see you develop this strength far beyond what would be possible, if you diluted your efforts and read books, listened to audio books and attended a seminar in many diverse fields during the same time frame.

As you take this focused approach to the next 90 days, don’t forget to look for guidance from people, who can assist you and support your efforts. Now go marching boldly into 2012 and use your natural talents, gifts and strengths to become far more productive, efficient and effective. The results you will see start appearing in your life, when you make this shift will astound you and everyone around you.

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