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motivational speakers successI was recently asked to support a really successful team of sales professionals, to improve their sales acumen, so that they could get even better. They are a really incredible team of achievers, in the financial services industry. The team consisted of only 14 front line sales staff, yet between them they turned over more than $ 200 000 000 a year, an incredible achievement for such a small team.

I am a great believer that whilst teaching others there is always an opportunity to learn yourself. So as you can imagine, working with this team of achievers has been an exciting and fascinating time for me. Yes of course the Pareto principal or 80/20 rule, still applies with them. The top 20 % of the team does 80 % of the business, whilst the other 80 % of the team does the other 20 %. This is an uncanny principal, which I have observed to exist within virtually every sales team, I have trained.

Team of Performers

The exciting part about working with this team was found in the fact that, even the 80 % of the team, who were bringing in only 20 % of the business, were all still performing way above normal levels, which one would expect to see from people in a similar industry.
As I was teaching them new sales skills, I was also a keen observer. I watched the team very closely to try to see what it was that inspired them to greatness. My objective was to try to identify a few common denominators or characteristics, which they all shared, so that I could package it, to help and support both you and my other clients to do the same.

Here are some of the things I observed:

  • They all had huge expectations about what they believed was possible for them to achieve each year.
  • Every one of them had a crystal clear vision or picture of exactly what they wanted to achieve.
  • They all believed in themselves and had no doubt about their ability to achieve their sales targets.
  • They were all committed to on-going learning and growth.
  • There was a fantastic spirit of camaraderie between everyone. They all respected and supported one another.
  • There was an air of fun in the office. Everyone contributed freely with a sense of humour and they all seemed very happy and content.
  • Every one of them loved what they did.
  • They believed in their products and saw the price they charged as fair and real value for money.
  • Every one of them had invested into their products themselves. They were not trying to sell something they did not trust enough to invest into themselves.
  • They all had a powerful set of success habits, which supported their daily activities.

Those clients of mine, who have worked to introduce as many of these principals and characteristics into their businesses, have really flourished. They have seen remarkable improvements in their sales team’s performance, drive and levels of inspiration.
Try to see how many of the above principals you can introduce into your own life and business. The more you can align yourself and your business with the above formula for success, the better will be your performance and results.

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Andrew Horton

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