Motivational Speakers – Feed your mind and nourish your Future Success

Motivational Speakers

Feed your mind and nourish your Future Success

This presentation by one of the most inspiring, entertaining and informative motivational speakers in South Africa will show you that our capacity to learn from birth, until around eighteen is dramatic; this accelerated learning curve equips us to learn a staggering amount in a very short space of time. We learn language, culture, manners, social skills, history, science, and mathematics-everything that makes us human. For some people this accelerated learning curve continues long after their eighteenth birthday and continues for most of their lives, but unfortunately for most people, it levels off as soon as soon as they get their first job. People are just inherently lazy, if there are no more exams to take, why waste time reading books or trying to grow your knowledge.

Look at a new born baby and then look at an eighteen year old adult. Can you see the dramatic growth that has occurred in a mere eighteen years? Can you imagine if you continue that accelerated growth curve, for the rest of your life and every eighteen years, you get to see the same dramatic growth in yourself? Can you imagine how you can accelerate your personal growth and how you will stand out from the herd? Imagine what you could become, the skills you could learn, the capacities you could develop, it is just too staggering to imagine.

Amazingly, even if you are in your late fifties or even sixties, it is not too late to rekindle that hunger for knowledge, which you had until you were eighteen. You can rekindle your appetite for learning at any time in your life. This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in the field of human excellence will guide you to begin feeding your mind and educating your philosophy, starting right now, by following the writings of people that have recorded their thoughts and shared their ideas with us through, books, magazines, video and audio recordings.

Amazing, influential people that have gone before us have left a trail of knowledge behind them. Winston Churchill may no longer be here, but we still have his books filled with untold wisdom. Aristotle has been gone for centuries, yet we still have access to his amazing ideas and philosophies. There are so many opportunities and a myriad of different ways to feed your mind and indulge in a feast of intellectual feeding.

Take the plunge today by taking advantage of the gift left by people who have gone before, to instruct and inspire us. The gift of their insights allows us to modify our plans if need be, by avoiding the mistakes they have made. When we arrange our lives based on the wise advice of the super achievers that have gone before us, we equip ourselves with a recipe for success.

Everything You Need to Succeed is Available Right Now

All the information you’ll ever need to completely change anything you wish to in your life, already exists. If your desire is to become more successful, financially independent, healthier, wealthier or even more sophisticated, the information is readily available. People from every conceivable sector or walk of life have written books, made audio or video recordings that chronicle their life experiences and offer advice which can and will help you achieve the most remarkable levels of success.

This wealth of knowledge is available everywhere and can be obtained free of charge from the libraries that are in every suburb. There really is no excuse for allowing yourself to remain stuck in poverty or in an unsatisfying career.  All that is required for you to turn yourself into a top achiever, is to commit to acquire the necessary knowledge and then to apply it daily in your life.

With all this available information, knowledge and insight which could and most certainly would transform your life, your fortune, your relationships, your health and happiness, how many of these nuggets of transformational power have you read, listened to or watched in the last ninety days? If you are part of the select group that has done the work of acquiring this knowledge, have you applied any of it in your life?

Our aim during this motivational speakers presentation will show you that always aspiring to constantly improve and grow is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to rise above the ordinary. Do not allow anything to stand between you and the knowledge, information or skill that can transform your life. A small amount of discipline practiced each day will have astounding results in every area of your life. Unfortunately the opposite is also true; if you fail to practice the discipline every day and you don’t expand your knowledge, then ignorance will quickly move in to fill the void.

Action Idea: Find a book that will help you to grow and to commit just 30 minutes every day to read that book. Also, get an audio recording that you can listen to as you commute in your car every day. These two new small disciplines will completely change your life and your fortune over the next few years.

There are also so many opportunities for us to do some talking and sharing with people around us. People that can help you to answer the important life questions, people that can help you to refine your own philosophy, assist you to weigh your values and help you to ponder all the questions you have about success and lifestyle.

Take all the wisdom that you gather from books, videos, audio programs and through discussion with mentors and use them all, as the building blocks for the success and on-going growth you desire. Commit to constantly improve and keep making the small daily adjustments to your philosophy and activities, this will keep you growing and ensure that you are constantly becoming more. These small almost imperceptible changes, over time add up to become very significant.

Commit to re-fire your accelerated learning curve and continue to feed your mind with great information and new ideas. Continue to grow and develop, it is never too late to commit to learning and growth. As you grow and become more, you will most certainly continue to attract more. Each new idea will keep refining your philosophy, which will better guide your life and the rest of your life will unfold in the most magical of ways.

Expanded Action Idea:

  • Break your year up into four 90 day segments.
  • Choose an area you want to improve in your life. For example: you want to improve your knowledge on leadership.
  • Select 3 books on the subject and devote your 30 minutes a day over the next 90 days to reading these books, cover to cover, as many times as possible. Highlight pertinent areas; write important facts in the margins. Finally summarise each book and identify the three most important issues raised in each book.
  • Select 5 Audio books that are focused in the area you want to study. Listen to these over and over again during your commute to and from work every day. As you arrive at your destination, invest 2 minutes recording the most important lesson you learnt during that 30 minute commute. Summarise each audio book and extract the three most valuable points from each audio book.
  • Attend one seminar on the subject during each 90 day segment. Take notes and after the seminar, highlight the three most important and valuable lessons you learnt.
  • Now take the most valuable lessons learnt from the three books you have read, the five audio books you have listened to and the seminar you attended during the 90 days and discover the three super lessons you have learnt.
  • These are the three lessons you are going to build into your success habit set over the next 90 days, by using your willpower to carry out these new ideas until they become new entrenched habits.

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  • This is a great and inspirating article. The action ideas and the lessons expressed in the article are an eye opener for every great & top achiever in the making. Its trully a wake up call for anyone with a desire to leave a legacy worth emulating. Keep it up and God bless.

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