Motivational Speakers on how to Simply Take Action

motivational speakers actionMotivational speakers reveals why it is the right time to take action on any new idea, which comes into your head. The sooner you take action, while the idea is still hot and the emotion is strong, the greater the level of inspiration and the better your drive will be to succeed.

Example: As you know a commitment towards lifelong learning, is crucial, if you want to achieve anything meaningful with your life. So in line with this commitment, let’s say you decide that you want to start to build your new library, filled with all the right personal development books, to support your commitment towards your personal growth. While the idea is still fresh and the desire is strong, you should either go straight to the bookstore to buy the books you need or immediately go online and order them from Amazon.

Law of diminishing Intent

Take action while the iron is still hot or before the great idea you had dims. If you don’t, you will fall prey to the “LAW OF DIMINISHING INTENT”. This law is simple. It is all about intention and lost opportunities. You intend to take action when an idea comes to your mind. You intend to do something, when the emotion is high, but if you do not translate that intention into action fairly soon after it comes into your mind, the urgency starts to diminish and the intent and drive diminishes. As time passes the passion dies, the urgency goes cold and eventually the idea just fades away like it never even existed in the first place.

Motivational Speakers guide you to Take Action

The immediate cure for the Law of diminishing intent and the way to make things start to happen in your life is to learn the discipline of simply taking action, whilst ideas are still hot in your mind. The sooner you learn the discipline of taking action immediately, while any idea is still fresh, clear, strong and powerful, the greater will be the clarity around what you want to achieve.

If you hear someone speak about good health and it inspires you to finally do something about improving your own health. Immediately buy a good book on nutrition and place it in a visible place, where you will see it and actually read it every day. While the idea is still fresh and the passion is high, join a gym and schedule time into your dairy to attend gym sessions. Get an accountability partner to support you and to join you at the gym, to workout with you. This will encourage you to actually go to gym and improve your health.

Don’t waste the wisdom

Unless you take action on any great idea the wisdom it brings will be wasted. The strong emotion brought on, by any new great idea, is soon wasted, unless you have the discipline to actually get off your butt and take action immediately. Discipline is the catalyst, which allows you to capture the wisdom and translate it into action and finally success. The key to increase your level of inspiration and to successfully turn any wisdom, which comes to you into success, is to learn the art of discipline. When an idea comes to you, flex your discipline muscles immediately and convert the idea into action as soon as possible.

Build your Self Esteem

One of the greatest benefits, which flows from discipline, is self-worth or self-esteem. Discipline, drive, keeping all the commitments you make with yourself and taking action, are all key elements needed to build your self-esteem and belief in your ability to succeed. A lack of discipline or consistently letting yourself down, erodes your psyche and damages your self-esteem. The temptation to ease up and not deliver your best, breaking those crucial commitments you make with yourself, is a sure-fire way to destroy your self-esteem and to destroy your belief in yourself.

Neglect Compounds into Regret

There is a huge problem with allowing even a little bit of neglect and poor daily discipline to creep in to your life. This workshop by one of the most entertaining motivational speakers in South Africa shows that the lack of daily commitment and neglect adds up over time and compounds into regret and bad results. Any neglect, no matter how small, has the ability to add up into poor results over time.  

Discipline Compounds into Meaning and Fulfilment

The price of neglect is, failure, regret, divorce, bankruptcy, retrenchment etc. whilst the price of daily discipline, weighs almost nothing at all. The rewards of consistent daily discipline are huge though and add up into a life of value, filled with meaning joy and satisfaction. Act now and invite discipline into your experience. The rewards are well worth the small daily price required.

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