The people Around You, Mirror Who You Really Are

You should strive to hold the highest consciousness possible and aspire to surround yourself with the RIGHT people. People that reflect the qualities you want to see in your own life. This will help you keep your focus and energy on the business of utilising your excellence and exposing your brilliance.

When viewed from a spiritual perspective, people are in essence a reflection of our inner aspirations and people that inspire you are merely people that mirror the qualities that you are waiting and ready to express yourself. From a different perspective it is true too that people that irritate us are also a reflection of some characteristics that we are hiding from ourselves or aspects that we are unclear on in our own lives. So if anyone irritates you, look at the reason that they are so challenging and see if that may be an area that needs work in your own life.

This is a very powerful tool that when used properly will allow you to uncover some very real issues in your own life. The issues that you find the most irritating in someone else is often just a reflection of a characteristic that you are dissatisfied with in your own life. Have the courage to be completely honest with yourself and utilise this very empowering process to unlock issues that may be keeping you trapped in mediocrity.

When you make this small shift in the way you view people around you. You empower yourself to utilise the feedback from people around you to your advantage.

Take a critical look at the people all around you and identify people that are bugging you. Explore the reasons why they are driving you batty and record these in your journal. Take a deep breath, have the courage to be brutally honest with yourself. Examine the list again, exploring each one from the perspective of “Could this be my issue” and then see what action is necessary to eliminate these negative characteristics from your own life.


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