Motivational Speakers – The Power of Your Imagination, Will Create the Future you Desire

Motivational Speakers

The Power of Your Imagination, Will Create the Future you Desire

I have often pondered the question around, what drives one person to consistently take the daily actions, which result in great success and what encourages someone else with the same potential, to sit back and do nothing. The research that I am conducting is pointing me towards, a finding that highly driven or inspired achievers find their strength in the power of their imagination. It seems that people, who can visualise a crystal clear picture of exactly what they want in their future, will endure short term pain for long term gain. In other words the people who see or visualise possibility, i.e. prize of what is possible, are willing to pay a price today, to earn the prize they have visualised for tomorrow.

As humans we are wired to be pleasure seeking and pain avoiding. Our natural tendency as humans is thus to avoid anything, which will cause us pain, even if that pain is the small daily discipline, or daily action required to achieve success. It is a natural drive within all of us to move toward pleasure and avoid the possibility of pain at all costs. Unless you have something to focus on, which will result in you enjoying a far greater degree of pleasure in the future, it is extremely unlikely that you will take action every day to realise a better future, as the actions you need to take will result in discomfort or pain.

When you understand this about yourself, can you now see how crucial it is to have crystal clear vision of exactly what you want in your future and for you to make this picture as pleasurable as possible? The more you can envision yourself in a pleasurable place, where you can actually feel, taste, smell, hear and see yourself experiencing incredible levels of pleasure, the more likely and easier it will be for you to inspire yourself to experience the daily pain associated with carrying the actions you need to succeed. Your vision of the future allows you to see everything, including challenges and the daily action you need to take as something, which is “ON YOUR WAY” and as such, you always find ways to “GET SOMETHING” from the challenge or the daily actions you take.

Understanding our imagination

Our frontal lobe separates us from every other species on earth. It allows us to have an imagination. We are able to see things, not as they are today, but rather how they can be in the future. This amazing ability allows us to gaze into the future and based on our beliefs, values and expectations, allows us to draw a mental picture, which we can then turn into our reality in the future. Our imagination is the first step in the creation process.

The power of our imagination and our ability to turn a clear vision into a tangible future, was proven in research conducted by Dr David McClelland of Harvard University. He utilised a number of “projective tests”, in which he used photographs or drawings depicting various scenarios, to test people’s level of motivation. One of the experiments he conducted was done using a picture of a person lying in bed, with their eyes closed and their hand raised over the alarm clock. The window in the background was very bright, with the sun’s rays clearly shining through the window, indicating that it was morning. The people were then asked to tell a short story about the person in the picture.

Dr McClelland’s hypothesis was that “motivation comes from internal images” The subjects in his research study who told the most inspiring stories and demonstrated the most active levels of imagination, were the people who become the most successful in the future.

This study was conducted over a fourteen year period and to ensure that their responses were solely a function of levels of motivation and no other factors played a part in his findings. All the subjects were of the same sex, age, social background and level of education. His extensive experiments, proved his hypothesis. The subjects who gave the most passive responses, like the person was lying in bed and about to go back to sleep because it was a Saturday and they did not have to go to work, were the least successful, ten years later. The people who gave the most active answers and said things like “The person is waking up early so that they can complete an important project”, were far more successful ten years later.

The experiments conducted by Dr McClelland were very complex and extensive. They most certainly proved his hypothesis around motivation and the direct link to imagination. If you want to be successful and live your dreams, fuel your fertile imagination with crystal clear pictures of exactly what you want in your future and you will be driven and motivated to do what it takes to realise exactly that in your future. When you hold a vivid picture in your mind of exactly what you want to achieve, the enormous power of your mind goes to work to deliver exactly that to you. The more detail you can build into the image, the easier it is for your brain to go to work and bring just that imagined picture into your reality.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers


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  • Stanley Gitau /

    Great piece of work. I must hasten to add one more think whih is interlinked to your ideas. Most people focus so much on their current positions such that they do not see whay lies in the future. Their focus is how to survive today and hope tomorrow things will work out for them. But if today we can lay down concrete, well planned, clear plans for tomorrow then surely we will begin the slow but sure journey to success.

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