There are only A Few Steps, To Sustainable Success

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Constantly collect great ideas and always be on the look out for any new opportunities. It is such an empowering experience when you become a collector of ideas and you record all them in your journals. Your journal becomes a great source of inspiration and will serve as a reminder to you of the many opportunities that abound all around you.  Commit to collect great ideas for all the areas of your life and you have a really powerful tool for creating huge success in your life.

Plan your day the night before. This simple and highly effective strategy has two huge benefits. It firstly gives you a head start the next day, allowing you to start your day running, with a crystal clear picture of exactly what you need to accomplish and exactly when you will carry out each specific task. Secondly you program your reticular activating system to start looking for the exact information you require, to be successful the next day. This effectively allows you to program your mind the night before, to start searching for the answers and solutions you will need the next day.

Never start your week until it is finished. Structure and plan your week in advance. This is best achieved every Sunday evening, when you have time to sit and plan the outcomes you want to realize from your week. Build an outline, describing the results you want to enjoy each week and create a broad structure for each day where you define the outcome you want to achieve each day.

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You must decide up front what you want to achieve each day and then decide what type of day each day will be. There are three types of days, work days, focus days and rest days. Work days are days in which we allocate minimum of 80 % of the available time to generating a living and the remainder of the day we allocate to creating the future we desire or to realizing our dreams. A focus day is one in which we invest a minimum of 80 % of our time into building the future we desire or to carry out tasks that will deliver our dreams. The remainder of the time we spend on earning a living or rest. A rest day is a really important day in which we invest 100 % of the time into recharging our batteries and relaxing.

Never start your month or your year until you have explored each important facet of your life and outlined a plan to succeed in each one. These plans allow you to create the framework of what you want to achieve and outline the direction you are intending your life to take over the next year. Leave room to improvise, leave some room to add new strategies, but commit to establish a direction for where you want to take your life over the next year.

Commit to identify the right activities necessary to realize all your dreams. Pull the trigger and commit to apply daily discipline to consistently carry out all the actions, necessary to succeed. Repeat this every day for the entire year and you will succeed at anything.  Master this very important art of applying daily disciplined action to everything you do and you become unstoppable.

Accept that you are going to encounter challenges along the way and that challenge is an integral part of the success process. This allows you to expect and to prepare for the inevitable challenges that will cross your path. Look at any new challenge that crosses your path as an opportunity to grow and learn.

You have the key to unlocking the future of your dreams is to learn to master new ideas and turn them into opportunities. This is best achieved by planning each step of the journey before you even take the first step. Commit to take action and apply discipline every day to keep taking the necessary action. Expect challenge, welcome challenge and overcome challenge.


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