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Achieving Goals, can be Easier than you Think

Andrew’s objective when he offers one of the most inspiring motivational talks in the field of time management training, is to show all attendees that the easiest way to set and achieve your goals is to reach into the future, where you will discover the most vivid picture of the success you desire.  Look at this picture and discover what you are doing, enjoying and becoming. Borrow this wonderful picture of what is possible and use it as your inspiration today, to begin taking those daily inspired actions, which are going to turn your dreams into reality. The more clarity you build into this picture, by introducing as many of your senses and emotions as possible, into the creation of your picture. The more inspired you will be to take the daily action necessary to bring just that wonderful picture into your reality.

The picture you borrow from the future is the promise of what is possible for you to achieve and the daily action you take is the price you will need to pay to bring that into your experience. The bigger or more inspiring the picture is. Or in other words the greater the promise you are able to create in your mind, the higher the price you would be prepared to pay to make that picture real for you.

Action Idea: Allow your mind out for a walk today; explore all the possibilities available to you in the future. Reach into that future, explore all the pictures of possibility and take one of them, which will stretch you to achieve and borrow it to use as the foundation for creating the future you desire.

After attending this talk by one of the most inspiring, entertaining and informative motivational speakers in the field of time management training you will realise that now that you have a vision (promise) of what you want in your future, it is time to use this picture or the promise of what is possible, to create a set of realistic goals to formulise and cement the process. These goals can only get a life of their own, when you explore each one in turn and you build an action plan or a list of the individual daily prices you will need to pay, to turn these goals into your realised future.

Turning your dreams or vision into your future reality is simply a process of first creating a vivid picture in your mind of a future or promise that is challenging and attractive enough, so that you will be inspired every day, to take sufficient inspired action (pay the price) necessary to deliver on your dreams. Living your vision, is really a simple process of creating a big enough promise, which has real meaning and value to you and then committing to pay the price necessary to make that possible for you. There is no great secret to become successful, it is all about investing sufficient time to discover what you really want. Ensuring that you are prepared to pay the price to make it possible and then, applying discipline to ensure you take consistent daily action, to make it possible for you.

This is why it is crucial that you write your vision and goals down and keep them in a very visible place. When your vision and goals are in front of you all the time and you constantly think about the promise of what is possible in your future, you will remain inspired and take action or rather pay the price every day, until you succeed.

Action Idea: Write your vision and goals in as many places in your home and work environment as possible. This will help to keep your vision and goals in front of you all the time. The more you see your vision and goals, the more inspired and driven you will be to take the action necessary to succeed.

When I interviewed Bob Proctor for my TV show, he indicated that he writes his goals on a card, which he carries in his pocket all the time. He says that every time he touches the card, he feels an energy flow through his body and this inspires him to take action every day until he realises his goal.

This presentation by one of the top motivational speakers in the field of time management training will show you why I have my vision and goals written on the wall in front of the little throne, where I spend time offloading every day, they are stuck on the ceiling above my bed, I carry a card in my pocket with my vision and goals written on it, I have a further set written on a card next to my bed and finally I have a set on the wall in front of where I work on my computer. These constant reminders help keep me focused and inspire me to do what it takes to succeed. Since I have introduced this practice into my life, I have achieved almost every goal I have set myself.

What are you waiting for; write your goals down in as many places as possible and let the magic begin.

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