Motivational Speakers – Is There Really Such A Thing as a Bad Day?

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Is There Really Such A Thing as a Bad Day?

We give events a positive or negative charge, based on how we choose to view them. When I am having the worst day of my life, someone else is having the best day ever. Am I really experiencing the worst day possible or am I just looking at my world and my reality and allowing myself to see things negatively? Now ask yourself that question again “Is it possible to ever have a BAD day”?

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa will show you that although everything that happens in our world is in effect only an event, how we choose to perceive and respond to these events is always a choice. The choices you make from this moment forward are creating your future, one good or bad choice at a time. Are you going to allow yourself to continue to make negative choices, where you see everything as being “IN” your way or are you going to begin to make a few better choices, where you create a vision of your future and you begin to see everything as being “ON” your way to the success you desire.

If you continue to see everything as being “IN” your way, you create a negative environment for yourself, where you spend your life looking for ways to get through your day, week and life. When you make the better choice, you have a vision and you see everything as something that contributes to your future success, everything is “ON” your way, you open up numerous possibilities for yourself and you are constantly searching for ways to get as much as possible “FROM” every event in your life.

After attending this presentation by Andrew, one of the best motivational speakers in the field of time management training you will understand that when you are on the path to creating the success you desire, you will encounter a number of events or challenges, which will retard or delay your progress. These events, or challenges that will cross your path, may slow you down, they may delay you, but when viewed differently they are merely events, which you can choose to either see as challenges or as opportunities to learn and grow. The way how you view any event that comes your way is always a choice.

In many cases these changes or challenges highlight opportunities that may have remained hidden from you, had they not crossed your path. If you lived on a planet where everything was rosy and went according to expectations all the time, there would be very little opportunity for learning and growth. You would become complacent and trapped in delusion, never stretching your mind or exploring the limits of your potential.

Andrew is an exciting motivational speaker, he will help you to take the steps necessary to commit to make this small shift in the way you think. Where you previously had an unrealistic expectation, where you expected things to always run according to plan and that you would never encounter any challenges. Create a far more realistic perspective from this moment on and accept that challenge and change are an integral and very necessary part of the journey to success. In addition view these challenges and changes as the potential catalyst, which will unlock opportunities that may have remained hidden from you had you not encountered the challenge or change.

This presentation by one of the great motivational speakers in the field of time management will show you that when you make this small shift, where you accept that life is a blend of both positive and negative experiences, you actually accelerate your achievement and you get to remove unnecessary anguish from your life. It is such a liberating and empowering experience to accept that life is filled with both positive and negative events and that any challenge you may face, is not unique to you, it is all just part of your success journey. We need to experience the negative side of life to help us grow and expand. This also acts as a barometer against which you get to measure your positive performance.

Stress is a mental illusion that you create in your mind, an interpretation or perception of circumstances in your environment. To constantly improve and grow, you need stress and challenge, as these awaken your greater potential, forcing you to raise your game and making you rise to the level of performance, you desire and deserve. Stress and challenge are merely catalysts, albeit sometimes unwelcome, which awakens the latent excellence that is dormant within all of you.

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