Now is the Time to Start Investing in YOU!!!!

Are you one of those people that can state every sports statistic about every player in your favorite sports team, but when asked, do not even know what you bank balance or net worth is. People invest so much of their available time into looking at other people’s statistics that they neglect the most important stats, namely those that relate to their own success. If you want to begin making real and meaningful positive changes in your life, stop focusing on others peoples successes and statistics and start investing time into your own future and statistics.

Imagine what you could achieve if you started to Invest your time as follows:

  1. Instead of reading the sports page – Read a self-improvement book
  2. Stop listening to the radio in your car – Listen to an instructional CD.
  3. Instead of spending your evenings and weekends watching sport on television – Watch a DVD from a great seminar or read an instructional book.
  4. Spending hours talking about sports statistics – Talk about your goals and plans and how you can help each other achieve them.
  5. Stop reading gossip magazines – Read magazines such as Success magazine that will help you to learn and improve
  6. Stop watching reality shows – Focus on your own reality and plans for success
  7. Gossiping about other people and their difficulties – Discuss your challenges, the lessons you learned and your plans for continual growth and improvement.

As one of the motivational speakers that views life differently, I ask you to think about the following.

  1. How do you think your life would change if you began to make these small shifts and you invested your available time more prudently?
  2. Do you think your own scores and statistics would begin to change? Would your bank balance change, how about your level of skill and knowledge? The victories you would be celebrating would be your own and not those of other people.

There is obviously a place for everything in your life and I am by no means saying that you must cut all entertainment out of your life. I am saying that you should aim to change your current ratio of 50 hours of entertainment to one hour of education. Work to convert this ratio to a more favorable ratio of 5 Hours of entertainment to one hour of education. Could you imagine  all the positive changes that would begin to happen in your life, if you invested ten times more of your available time into improving and growing? How do you think your success ratios would change?

The way to completely transform your life and to begin seeing the positive changes you desire, starts with you shifting your life away from constant entertainment toward more education. The measure of your future success will be in how you manage to balance the amount of time you spend watching other peoples dreams unfold vs. how much time you invest into making your own dreams come true. Imagine how amazing your life would be if you invested as much time and energy into your life, as those people that you watch and admire so much, invest into theirs.ail box every day!


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