Commit to give to others and you will get what you want

There is a very important shift you must make if you are to achieve sustainable success. This one very significant shift will radically change how the world responds to and receives you. This shift requires that you change from being someone that is focused only on your own success and that you look beyond yourself toward helping as many people as possible achieve the success they desire. As Zig Ziglar puts it “You can have anything in life that you want, if you will help enough other people get what they want.

This simply means that if you are lacking any attributes necessary to succeed, and then commit to assist others to develop those attributes too. If you need to become, more confident, bolder, courageous, more positive or stronger, then commit to help other people develop these attributes and you will learn them too. As you give to others you are gradually giving to yourself and you are growing.

Explore your own life and try to identify areas where you may need to improve. Once you have identified what attributes you will need, identify someone that you can assist to develop exactly those attributes. This shifts you away from a mentality of what can I get, to one where you focus on, what you can give. Will see the things you desire beating a path to your door.

It is astounding how focusing on someone else and teaching them how to develop the very attributes you need to develop in yourself, will help you to develop exactly those attributes in yourself. Not only do you learn the attributes necessary to attract the success you desire, but you get to help someone else get what they want too. This is really rewarding and contributes to improving your level of satisfaction, happiness and contentment.


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