If You Want To Change the World, Begin By Changing You

It is so easy to create magic in the lives of people around you. A simple smile directed toward a really busy teller, a hello said with meaning and passion to someone walking by. Or simply making eye contact with someone that is in need of assistance. Showing them you care will go a long way to improving the world we live in.

Live with passion and allow your energy to positively affect everyone that crosses your path. It takes just one person to start making the world a better place and if we can encourage everyone around us to follow suite, we could build a better world one small action at a time.

Have an upbeat attitude, that when projected to the world can become contagious. You can create magic and joy in your life and those around you, if you are willing to take the initiative and make a difference. Take this opportunity and begin to make things better, the cost of trying is so small, yet the potential benefits that will flow to you and those you touch will be immeasurable.

It is not the small gesture, the eye contact or the passionate authentic smile that makes the difference. It is how it leaves people feeling afterwards. You will seldom be remembered for what you did, but you will always be remembered for how you made people feel.

Commit to making a real authentic difference to your environment and you will see the world change, one smile at a time. If you want the world to change into a better place, then change the one thing you have 100 % control over, change you. The world will only begin to change, when you commit to change.


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