Motivational Speakers – Do you Know why you want to Achieve Greatness in 2013?

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Do you Know why you want to Achieve Greatness in 2013?

Jim Rohn, was one of the greatest business philosophers, who ever lived. His wisdom was always sound, yet very simple to understand. One of the greatest philosophies he left with us, as his legacy, was that “Success was not something you pursue; it was something you attract by the person you become”. As you invest time this year to set your goals, it is crucial, if you want to succeed that you keep this in mind.

Attract Success

Do not blindly pursue the success you desire this time around. Rather take a different tack this year and discover who and what you need to become, in order to attract the success you desire. I don’t know about you but I find it far more exciting and a greater driver of my daily actions, when I visualise the person I will ultimately become, as I attract the huge success I desire. My goals then actually become very secondary and merely a by-product of my efforts.

Discover Your Personal Reason Why you want to Succeed

I have always maintained that once you have discovered your big reason why you want to achieve anything, no obstacle or setback can or will stand in your way. This year I am very excited by the concept of becoming and growing further, into the type of person I need to be to attract the huge success, I desire into my experience. This idea has lit a massive fire in my belly and is a huge reason why I want to take the daily goal specific action, necessary to achieve all my big hairy audacious goals this year.

What is your reason why you want to succeed this year?

  • Is it to build a financial wall around your family that no one can break?
  • Is it to improve your relationships with everyone around you?
  • Is it to focus on a project bigger than you, to support others?
  • Is it to improve your spiritual connection and belief?

These have been my reasons over the past few years, why I wanted to apply inspired energy daily to achieve all my goals. These big reasons or drivers have got me up every day, over the past four years at 3:30 am, without the need for an alarm clock and inspired me daily to keep taking inspired action, to achieve all my goals, despite the many challenges I have faced along the way. Invest the time to discover your reason why you want to succeed and “NO-THING” can stop you from succeeding.

These four drivers or reasons I discovered over the past few years, why I wanted to apply myself daily, as stated above, never faded or went away, they have just become an ingrained part of who and what I am. They have formed the foundation for my future success and have become the underlying drivers of my daily success habit set.

Action Idea: Invest the time today to find your reason why you want to succeed in 2013. This will light a real fire of inspiration in your belly and drive you to take the daily action you need to take to achieve all your goals this year. As you discover new and more inspiring reasons each year, why you want to succeed, so too does your daily inspiration and drive to succeed grow too.

Abundance is Everywhere

You truly are incredible, with an abundant supply of possibilities and opportunities available to you. It is time and 2013 is your year, to finally grasp hold of all the opportunities and to create the success you desire and deserve. What are you waiting for; all that stands between you and the success you desire, is a deep rooted understanding of the reason why you want to succeed and a daily commitment to take the goal specific action you need to achieve your goals. Stop complicating things and make this your year.

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