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Great Motivational Speakers South Africa

Stop Focusing on What Has Been and Live in the Now

I have spent the past two weeks on-board a cruise liner with Dr. Wayne Dyer. Every morning I walk around deck three, for about an hour contemplating, planning and at times just being. Yesterday while I was standing at the rear of the ship I looked out at the wake of the ship, trailing out behind us and I thought of a perfect metaphor to describe our lives. As long and as large as the wake is, it only indicates the path and direction we have traveled, it can never power or drive the ship. The drive comes from the instantaneous energy and power of the huge motors within the ship and the direction is decided by the rudder.

The same is true for your life, the wake that travels behind you as you travel in the direction of your vision, is just an indication of where you have been. It has no bearing on where you can go. Your wake or your history is over and behind you. It can never propel your life forward or decide the direction you must travel; it serves only as a reminder of what has been. The past is merely your tutor for the present, all the negative experiences must serve as lessons and all the positive experiences can help inspire and encourage you, to maintain the direction and momentum you have created.

Action Idea: Take some time out today to just be and explore your current circumstances. Are you spinning your wheels because you are constantly staring in the rear view mirror, as you travel along your path toward the success you desire? Have the courage to learn the lessons offered by the past and to then move on unencumbered by anything that may have happened in the past. History serves only one purpose and that is one of learning and growth.

After attending this presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in the field of time management training you will understand that the forward propulsion on the ship comes from the power generated in each moment, by the huge engines in the belly of the ship. If the engines were not dedicated solely to ensuring that the ship kept moving steadily forward and some or all of the power was directed elsewhere, for some other purpose, other than driving the ship, the ship would not move as efficiently or effectively through the water.

The same is true for your journey toward the success you desire. Unless you are focusing all your attention and energy, in each moment on the task you are carrying out at that moment, you are diluting your efforts and can never be as efficient or effective as you should be. I see so many people trying to achieve too many things at once, where they lose focus, never prioritise and dilute their energies to such a degree that they never have the momentum to move in the direction they want to go.

Action Idea: Examine all your Goals and choose one to focus all your attention on achieving over the next 90 days. When you prioritise and stop diluting your focus, you will astound yourself with what you will finally start to achieve. My experience has shown that, once you have mastered the art of prioritisation, it is possible to focus your attention on a maximum of three goals at a time.

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in the field of time management training you will learn the art of living in the moment and try to give 100 % to the task you are carrying out in that moment. If you are resting, then give 100 % to that, don’t spend your rest time thinking about challenges at work and similarly, if you are working, give everything to that, do not focus on issues that are going on at home.

My objective when I offer this talk as one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa is to help you to learn to stop living in the past, which is gone for ever and can only serve, as your tutor and stop diluting your efforts every day by trying to accomplish too much at once. By introducing these two simple strategies into your life, you will very quickly accelerate your performance.

Greatest Motivational Speakers South Africa


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  • Wow… iv just discovered Andrew and its so refreshing to find that there are still people who think like this!

    i personally need to put this lesson into practice!

    thanx Andrew!

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