What does Success Mean to you – “REALLY”

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Have you invested some quality time to think about Success? What does it really means to you?

  • What are you doing?
  • What do you have?
  • Where are you?
  • Who is sharing your life with you?
  • What vocation do you have?
  • How is your health?
  • What about your spirituality, how does that look?
  • What is your financial position?

When you can answer the above questions with complete honesty and absolute clarity, you will have found one of the keys that will support you to unlock your incredible potential. You will finally understand what success means to you. This will give you the clarity you need to create a true picture of what you really want in your life.

This clarity will equip you to finally have a meaningful destination to aim for, which will help you to discover your purpose, clarify your vision and support you to uncover your “WHY” behind everything you do. Once you have defined and clarified these three crucial areas, namely your purpose, vision and reason why, you will have the tools to finally master your life.


Most people feel that defining their purpose is very difficult. After investing the time to answer the above questions, a pattern will appear and if you. As you answer the eight questions, explore the things, which make you feel happy and fulfilled. Those are all the things, which are aligned with your true-life purpose. Your positive emotions are the best barometer of everything, which is aligned with your true-life purpose. Look, listen and trust yourself. Deep down you do know your purpose, turn the volume up on your inner all knowing voice, your intuition and trust yourself – you do know the answer.


Explore your answers to the eight questions above. These answers will clearly define your vision or direction you want to travel, on your success journey through life. Your vision is merely a clear picture of possibility, which is aligned with what has meaning and value to you. A clarified vision equips you to create meaningful goals, which are aligned with everything, which is important to you. As you take action daily you achieve each goal, those actions will feel right as they are aligned with your purpose, vision and once you achieve them you will be living a life of success as defined by you.

“WHY” do you want to achieve success?

If I placed a plank on the ground and offered you $ 100 to walk across the plank, I am positive that you would gladly take my money and you would skip across the plank. If I raised the odds a little and I placed the plank between two very high buildings, you would no longer be so keen to take my challenge.

What if the circumstances were different and the same plank was placed between the same two high buildings, but this time the other building was on fire and your child was on the other building. Would you now run across the same plank, twice to rescue your child? The danger is the same, the plank is the same, all that has changed is the reason WHY you needed to cross the plank and now you would take the risk and run across the plank.

Define your “WHY”

After you have defined what success means to you, invest the time to discover a really big WHY, the reason behind exactly WHY you want to achieve that level of success in your life. When you choose to do this you become unstoppable. Once you have discovered your WHY, you will be prepared to overcome any obstacles that cross your path, you will be willing to do whatever it takes, until you achieve the success you desire. Knowing your reason WHY you want to achieve anything meaningful in your life, makes managing obstacles, setbacks or roadblocks a breeze.

Uncover your Best

After discovering, defining and consistently utilizing your WHY, you will begin to flourish and remarkable things will begin to happen in your life. This will allow you to begin delivering your best in all areas of your life. No one can ask you to give any more than your best and I believe that you should never strive to offer any more than your best.

Offering you best is the most satisfying and fulfilling experience in life and the more you explore the limits of your potential, the more you realize that your limits are without boundaries, you are truly an infinite being.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speaker




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