Motivational Speakers Unlock your Compelling Why?

motivational speakers zoomMotivational speakers show you that if you were participating in a reality TV show and were told that a prize of one million dollars was available to you, if you could drive, through the traffic from your current location to a building about 5 Km away. The rules of the reality show state that all you have to do, to win the one million dollars, is get to the building and locate the suitcase holding the money in less than two hours.

A big reason “WHY” stops Procrastination

The catch though is that, if you are even one second late, you will forfeit the money. The rules of the reality show are very strict and under no circumstances, will the producers of the show make any exceptions. How long do you think the contestants in that reality show would sit around and wait, before they leave for the building?

I guess procrastinating would be out of the question. The contestants would not waste a second, as they raced off towards the building and the one million dollars. Under the circumstances, it would appear really simple to drive 5 km in less than two hours and claim the prize. I guess the contestants would see this as a really simple win and before they had even got on their way they would be thinking of ways to spend the money.

A big reason “WHY” drives you to overcome obstacles

Imagine that as they turn the first corner they are confronted with a massive traffic jam and when they turn the radio on to listen to the traffic report, they hear that the road is blocked and will not be moving for the next two hours. Do you think the contestants would simply, give up and go home, because they have encountered an obstacle? Or do you think they would get out of their car and walk, run or even hire a helicopter if possible to get them to the building 5 Km away?

Now suppose the contestants were in a similar position, where they drove into the back of a traffic jam, which would not be moving for the next 3 hours. The only difference was, this time they were on their way to a dentist’s appointment. Would they go to the same trouble and either, walk, run or hire a helicopter to get them there? Obviously not, they would probably phone, reschedule and them go home, away from the traffic.

What makes the contestants go to extreme lengths, when there is one million dollars on the line? But when faced with similar conditions, when on their way to the dentist, they would simply give up. The answer is simply that, when they were attempting to win the money. They had a huge reason why they needed to cover the distance in a few hours, so they moved mountains to make it possible.

Identify your Why

It is for this reason that I suggest that you discover your compelling reason why you want to achieve your goals and dreams. When you have a big enough why you want to achieve anything meaningful, it becomes your magnificent obsession and allows you to tap into the power and drive, which comes from a big “WHY”.  

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