Motivational Speakers show You that are born a Goal Achiever

Motivational Speakers shows You that are born a Goal Achiever

motivational speakers goalsAndrew is one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa. He will show you that every living organism on this planet, including you, is designed with all the tools it needs to achieve all its goals. From the most basic life form, where their goal is simply to survive, to more advanced life forms like mammals, where they have everything they need to achieve their goal of finding food, procreating and avoiding predators. As humans we are no different, we too possess all the tools we need to achieve our goal, whatever those may be.

Intelligence, Emotional and Spiritual needs

Yes of course, your basic life goals are similar to those of other mammals and you also have the need or goal to eat, procreate and avoid danger etc. Your intelligence, emotional and spiritual needs, which other animals do not possess, add another dimension to your life and so, you also have additional goals, which other mammals do not. I believe that we all have an internal goal or need to be successful or said differently a success instinct. This instinct is supported by an incredible ability called our creative imagination, which means that we can direct our future by choice and mould how it will turn out, by design. Wow, what an incredible power you possess. How are you using yours right now?

Motivational Speakers show you are a creator

How wonderful is the gift of a creative imagination, one where you can dream about anything you want? This ability is not limited or restricted in any way. You have this incredible ability, because you are not merely a creature on this planet, but because you are here as a creator. What other purpose could your creative imagination and ability to dream serve, other than to equip you to create anything you want? Your imagination, does not protect you from predators, bring food to you or even help you to procreate, all the basic goals, every creature on this planet, including you has. The ability to visualise, dream and think creative thoughts, serves only one purpose and that is one of creation. How is your imagination serving you right now?

Reticular Activating System (RAS)

You have another tool at your disposal, which does not help you to survive at all, but which is given to you to help you to thrive and create and direct your future by choice. This tool is your built in Google search engine or (RAS). You get to choose what you program your (RAS) to search for and bring to your attention. Your (RAS) is a neural net of nerves at the base of your brain, which filters all the information you are bombarded with every second and allows you to only receive between 2000 – 4000 bits of info per second. What other purpose, could your own, built-in Google search engine serve, other than to be an additional tool to support you to be a creator.

Creative imagination

I cannot think of any other purpose, which is served by your ability to think new thoughts, dream or visualise other than to allow you to be a creator. You have the most incredible power pent-up inside you, namely the power to see possibility in the future and then the ability to visualise yourself actually living that reality. This gives you the amazing power, called a creative imagination. What amazing power. How are you using yours every day? To create the future you really want or is yours just parked, idling, doing nothing for you.

Dare to Dream

This presentation by one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa, will show you that you possess such incredible power. The power to create your future exactly the way you want it to be. The way you perceive your world and the way you dream about future possibility defines the world you live in. Dare to dream, believe it is possible for you, see unlimited possibility in your future, visualise it as real and possible for you and you open the door to the quantum field of unlimited possibility. Stop limiting yourself, see that every possibility already exists and the quantum field of possibility is yours for the taking.

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