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motivational speakersI really enjoy travelling to Cape Town. There is a particularly great shuttle company there, who are always on time and who have the best drivers I have had the privilege of meeting. On my last trip there a few weeks back, I was collected from the airport by a 26 year old driver named PJ. He wore a very fashionable pair of wraparound sunglasses, wore a huge diver’s watch and had a perfectly manicured head of hair. From the size of his biceps, it was clear that he worked out a lot. As was customary, I peppered PJ with questions and we chattered up a storm.

PJ was in fact one of the owners of the shuttle company and as one of his team was off sick, he had come to collect me. He had grown up in South Africa, and had a degree in marketing from UNISA. He was a pretty well-educated and eloquent young man, who seemed to know a whole lot about most things. In mid-sentence his mobile phone rang and he asked if he could take the call. While he was busy on the phone, the news was on. They were discussing the Vavi scandal. Remember he was the general secretary of COSATU, who had allegedly raped a 26 year old work college.

When PJ had finished on the phone, I asked him what he thought of the Vavi scandal. To which he replied. Who is Vavi? I was surprised that he did not know who Vavi was. The story was pasted up all over the place. How could a born and bred South African, not know about a scandal related to one of the leaders in the country? Then it dawned on me. In that moment I realised, why comebacks are possible. No matter how well known you may be, nobody really knows or cares, what people have done.

You are no different

When you are in the middle of a crisis or some kind of breakdown in your life or business, people think that everyone knows and so they allow the shame to keep them down. PJ was a 26 year old, born and bred in South Africa, who had never heard of Vavi. If a huge controversy like the Vavi story is unknown to someone like PJ, then believe me, no one is aware of any challenges you may be experiencing.

Just get up

People think that when their marriage fails, they will never be able to find love again. Someone’s business flounders and they are so ashamed they never ever try again. A sales person loses a big deal and they are too afraid to go after another one. It is just the craziest notion, which we all hang onto, where we are so concerned about what other people think. We allow ourselves to be trapped in a place of inactivity and fear.
Remember that although there are over 50 million people, who live in South Africa. The vast majority are just like PJ, they do not care and they do not even think about other people at all. Accept you are magnificent; stop worrying about what other people think. Now is the time to just get off your butt and make the difference you know you deserve in your life.

Andrew Horton

Andrew Horton

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