Motivational Speakers in South Africa – Who do you need to become, to Attract what you Desire

Motivational Speakers in South Africa

Who do you need to become, to Attract what you Desire

As one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa, I will guide your sales team to greatness. I will show you that instead of blustering forward and looking for what you need to do, to enjoy the success you desire. Try a different approach this time and look at your vision and instead ask a different question. Ask yourself who you need to become to attract the level of success you desire into your life? Once you make the crucial distinction and realise that you attract success by the person you become, everything will change and success will feel effortless. Identify who you need to be to attract the success you desire and then invest energy and effort into becoming that person. This commitment will allow you to gradually transform your life and the success you desire will flow into your experience.

My Story

After many years of achieving hollow success, where I owned a number of very successful businesses, but was not fulfilled inside. I began searching for what it was that I really wanted in my life. I realised that the time in my life where I was the happiest, was when I was buying struggling businesses and using a system I developed, I brought the business back into the green and then sold them at a profit. The challenge with this, as a long term strategy was that I was exposed to all the stresses associated with cash flow, staffing, sales, etc.

After some real introspection, I realised that what I loved was the challenge associated with fixing the businesses, but did not enjoy the stress associated with the responsibility of owning the business. The solution was obvious; I would consult to businesses, helping them to make their operations more profitable. This way I would get the stimulation and enjoy the challenge associated with fixing things and making the business more profitable, without the associated stresses of owning the business.

My real strength and the thing I enjoyed most when I was fixing the businesses I bought and then sold, was sales and teaching the sales teams how to optimise the use of their available time and improve their sales results. Based on this discovery, I have gradually moved more and more towards training sales teams how to do the same. When you can uncover what you love doing, there is nothing better than doing what you love every day. You wake up excited by the prospect of your day and then go to sleep that night more energised than when you started it.

Who did I need to become?

Once I had decided what I wanted to do. I tackled the road forward very differently to what I had done in the past. Based on my research I realised that if I was to succeed I needed to become the right type of person, before I could begin to attract the life I envisioned. I sat down and carefully described the type of person I needed to become to attract the type of success I wanted.

This time around I did not immediately look for what I needed to do to start traveling towards my vision. Instead I looked at where I wanted my future to go and then identified what I needed to become to attract that future. I realised that training and speaking were a crucial element necessary to succeed and so I engaged the services of coaches to help me learn the art of speaking and to guide me to become an effective trainer. I also attended every seminar I could find; read every book and listened to every CD I could lay my hands on, which would help me to grow into the person I needed to be to achieve the success I desired.

My new business has grown exponentially every year since I started it in 2005, not because I pursued success at any cost, but rather because as I have grown and improved my knowledge and skills, so too have doors began to open for me and the business success I wanted has literally been attracted to me.

What is your commitment to grow into type of person you need to become to enjoy the level of success you desire?

Make this work for you

Discover what you really want to achieve in your future and then instead of finding out what you need to do to pursue that goal. Do it differently this time around and rather explore and discover who you need to become, to attract that level of success into your experience. As you gradually grow and expand, it will feel like the success you desire will flow towards you almost effortlessly.

Bob Proctors Secret

When I interviewed Bob Proctor for my TV show, he indicated that he writes his goals on a card, which he carries around with him all the time. He keeps it in his pocket at all times and says that every time he touches the card, he feels an energy flow through his body, which inspires him to take action every day, until he realises his big hairy audacious or 10 X goal.

Action Idea: Write your goals relating to who you need to become on a card, which you carry around with you. Read these as many times as possible throughout your day to remind and inspire you to take action and you too will achieve greatness.

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