Can you earn a Living doing what you Love?

Self-knowledge has and always will remain the key to becoming the type of person you need to become, to attract the type of success you desire. So the greater your commitment towards your life long “Personal Development”. The greater will be the success you will be able to attract into your experience. Consistent and on-going growth and development is the key to unlock all the hidden possibilities and opportunities, which await you.

Turning Knowledge into “YOUR POWER

To get the most value from any knowledge you acquire. You must first invest the time to understand your own attributes, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, interests, personal traits and talents. In other words, what are you good at and what do you love doing?

If you want to break out of average and live the life you desire and deserve, it all starts with first  uncovering what you love to do and then figuring out ways to make a living doing just that.

Action Idea: Explore the following questions and try to uncover what you really love doing:

  • What did you love doing as a child? Research shows that what you loved doing as a child, continues as a latent or manifest talent as an adult.
  • What are your weekend or evening interests? Can you uncover ways to integrate your hobbies into your life’s work?
  • What really inspires you? Can you not find innovative ways of turning, the things which inspire you into a way of earning money?
  • What do you most enjoy doing after work every day? How can you integrate this into your life?
  • What do you like doing the most on weekends and whilst on vacation? Is there a way to include these activities into your daily life, so that you can earn a living doing the things you love doing the most?

Getting Started

An excellent way to start this exercise is to spend a weekend, with key associates, friends or family members. Dust off the old childhood memories and try to remember all the things you really loved doing as a child. Next when assessing your interest, start by looking at your current ones and then, explore any other interests, which you may have shelved in the past, due to changed circumstances etc. Have an open mind, when trying to discover how to integrate what you love into a means of making a living. It is a process and not an event, so do not expect to come up with an answer the first time you do this. The answers will come if you persevere and keep exploring, until you discover how to integrate what you love into your life’s experience.     

This is not a small exercise, which you can conduct in a few hours and expect to discover all the answers. If you try to force a result and come up with a solution, too quickly, you will feel overwhelmed and will remain trapped, right where you are. It is going to take commitment and determination to uncover innovative ways to earn a living doing what you love. Even once you uncover ways to turn what you love into a way to earn a living, it is still going to require, commitment, dedication, drive and daily commitment, to gradually move your life towards this new better place.

Designing the future you want and gradually crafting it is going to require the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and abilities. This process starts by you uncovering the right, knowledge, skills and abilities you will need and secondly it will require a huge commitment from you to consistently apply of them in your life.

Knowledge is only “POTENTIAL POWER

The knowledge you gain from books, audio books, seminars or from any other source of information, is of little or no value at all, until you commit to apply it consistently, to everything you do. Knowledge is never power, it is only potential power. It is only the consistent daily application of any knowledge gained, which empowers you to discover your excellence and live your potential. Until you consistently apply knowledge in your life, to direct and manufacture your future, the knowledge remains only a set of guidelines, which serve no real purpose at all. What is holding you away from converting your knowledge into “YOUR POWER”?

I believe that the only thing, which is holding you away from converting your knowledge into “YOUR POWER”, is your willingness and commitment to apply all the knowledge you have gained into your life. Who and what you become in the future, will be determined by only a few things. Namely, the books you read, the people you associate with, the thoughts you think, the knowledge you consistently apply and the inspired actions you take.

  • What are you reading right now?
  • Who are you associating with?
  • What are you thinking?
  • Are you consistently applying the knowledge you have acquired?
  • How committed are you to take inspired action daily?

Action Idea: Explore your answers to the questions above; align them with, your expectations for the future and it will begin to unfold exactly the way you want it to.

Give yourself some latitude today and finally allow your wisdom, skill, ability and knowledge the freedom they needs, to finally shine through. Allow them to form the foundation for the future you have dreamed about creating. Unleash your excellence today and allow it to bloom, have the courage to set your brilliance free and watch it soar to heights, where your dreams will become real.You can make a living doing what you love. Don’t waste another second, start the process today.

Author: Andrew Horton Motivational Speakers

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