Motivational Speakers – Are you Investing Enough Time into Developing your Mind?

Motivational Speakers

Are you Investing Enough Time into Developing your Mind?

Your mind or should I rather say the captain, who guides you on your journey through life and the thing, which is the source of who you are, is one of the most misunderstood and underutilised tools available in our success toolkit. The more you take care of it and work to consistently add new useful information and skills to your mind, the better equipped you will be to invite success into your life.Your mind is your reservoir, which holds all your potential. All you need to do, to create the exact life you want to lead, is discover how to unlock its unlimited capabilities and then to invest sufficient time and energy into helping it grow and to ensure that you keep it healthy.

Invest Time and Energy into Developing your mind

The time you invest into developing your mental muscle and growing your knowledge and abilities, will empower you to accomplish almost anything you want in life. Like any worthwhile endeavour, it is going to require some discipline and effort to continually invest into developing your mental muscle, but the investment will most certainly be worthwhile.

Developing your mind is a little like building muscle. You can’t just show up at the gym, once in a while, without a clue about what you need to do at the gym. If you are to build muscle, you need to design a program and workout schedule, which you use daily to guide your training at the gym daily. The same Is true for developing your mental muscle. You need a plan and a daily commitment to apply your plan, so that you can gradually develop your mind, into the incredible machine, which will support your success.

Become your own Mental Manager

Stand guard at the door of your mind and don’t allow negative information to pass through into your mind. Avoid reading newspapers or listening to the news on the radio or TV. As you know all these media, love sensationalism and prefer telling negative stories. As most editors or producers say  “If it Bleeds, it leads”. Wow how much more negative can you get than that?

When you read, ensure that you are reading worthwhile, books, which add real value to your life. Books, which educate, inspire and introduce positivity into your experience. When commuting in your car, listen to educational, inspirational or transformational CD’s. This will turn your car into your mobile university. If you must watch TV. Try to only watch educational or positive and uplifting programs.

Form Master Mind Groups

Explore your world and find people or a group of people, who have the same desire, drive and passion as your own. Invest time with these people to share ideas, support each other and bask in the positivity, which flows from them. Great success is created when you surround yourself with other great minds, who support and uplift each other.


Discover what you want to achieve and then find someone, who has travelled a similar path to the one you want to travel and find an innovative way to get them to mentor you. The way to get the most from any mentor is to discover a way to ensure that there is always fair exchange, where both parties get something from the relationship. Open your mind and be willing to learn all you can from you mentor; they truly are an incredible source of support, valuable information and knowledge.

Your mind is all you have, so invest wisely into growing and expanding it. The more dedicated you are to continually grow your mind, the greater will be your success in the long-run. You most certainly will attract success, by the person you become. As you become more, you will definitely attract more and more and more. Come on dare to get off your butt and finally create that someone, you can be proud of.

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  • Jacques de Villiers /

    Hey Andrew,

    I find that less than 3 percent of my delegates have read 2 or more books on selling skills. Some haven’t even read one.

    This is one of the reasons we don’t have to class sales people in South Africa.

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