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Self-Direction is an inside job

Do you believe that being ambitious is wrong or do you believe that ambition or your deep rooted desire to be the best possible version of yourself, is your obligation and even your duty? I believe that operating at anything less than your best, is not only going to frustrate you, but is wasteful and robs you of the fulfillment and meaning you so richly deserve. It is time to see that you are magnificent and capable of far more than you believe possible. Finally accept that operating at your optimum level of performance, is both your right and obligation. When you reach this realisation, you will open the floodgates on your potential and you become unstoppable.

What is Ambition?

I see ambition as your internal desire, to be the best possible version of yourself possible. I am by no means bringing the notion of competition into the equation here, at all. I am not suggesting that you be the best at all costs. I am saying that if you operate at anything below “YOUR BEST” you are not meeting your obligation to the universe. You are wasting, your innate ability, which is a travesty and a huge waste of your pent-up potential.

Allow your true ambition out and dare to stretch yourself to be all you can be. Your ambition, when set free and allowed to wander unfettered by fear, is an expression of who you truly are and your own self-expression of all you can become. As you know self-expression is what offers you direction and guides your thoughts, actions and lights the fire of inspiration in your belly.

Do you know who you really are?

When you are comfortable in your own skin and you accept that ambition is your duty and that making the most of your potential is your birth right, you create an atmosphere of positive self-direction, which allows you to accept that “I know who I am and I know where I want to go”. This allows you to develop the confidence you need to succeed, because you become more and more competent as you invest resources towards accumulating the knowledge, skills and experience you need to prepare for the opportunities, which will cross your path.

This clarity of purpose, belief in yourself and your commitment to succeed, clarifies your direction and puts you on a path to achieve your full potential. Be proud of who you are, or if you cannot be proud of who you are now, focus on where you want to go and be proud of who you can become. This will allow you to eventually attract the success you desire. Permit the power of your ambition to, take you where you really want your life to go, to help you to do what you want to do and create the life you want to live. Break the cycle of fear and doubt, which surrounds your ambition and accept that, when you have huge expectations, you will eventually have massive success too.

It is finally time to stop crossing your fingers and hoping that, your life will just work out. Get off your butt and finally accept that “If it is to be then it is up to me”. Put your chin out and dare to be ambitious once again. Dare to live your full potential and stop accepting average any more.

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