Using Psychology To Create “Dream Teams”

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There are a number of excellent tools available to very cost effectively asses your team member’s personality traits. This will allow you to categorize them in ways that will help you define or predict their general attitudes and behaviors. This will give you a great set of tools to creatively assemble winning “Dream Teams”. No evaluation or test can ever be completely accurate and capture the subtle nuances of people. When understood and used properly though, they offer great guidelines and will help in a general way to construct winning teams.

The personality profile that I have found to be of great value, because of its ease of use and accuracy and that offers invaluable general information for building “Dream Teams” is the DISC personality profile.

The DISC Personality Profile

This is a tried and tested system for profiling personality traits that was developed by an American Psychologist DR. William Marsden back in 1920. This tool has proved to be really effective and has stood the test of time, because it of its simplicity and real effectiveness as a team creation tool.

This tool divides peoples personality type up into four distinct groups, which are identified by the acronym “D” “I” “S’ and “C”. Each letter in the acronym represents a personality type as listed below:

D – Dominant

I – Influential

S – Steady

C- Compliant

By pairing these four character traits, four distinct groups of behavioral styles are identified.


Task Orientated


People Orientated

This is a very simple test to conduct and evaluate. Each team member completes the assessment test and then their individual scores are tabulated. This process reveals general patterns about each team member’s dominant personality traits. The DISC profile was never designed to define anyone – that is impossible. It is simply a very effective tool that aids in the determining of character strengths and weaknesses, relative to performance and behaviour in different circumstances.

The DISC profile is not a test that you “PASS” or “FAIL”. This personality profile is merely a tool that offers team builders a valuable set of metrics to help them assess the suitability of prospective team members to work as a successful team. No personality type is better or worse than any other and the test is never a system for judging people.

The DISC profile is designed to reveal different unique individual personalities. This allows team leaders an opportunity to partner the right combination of people together so that they can accentuate their strengths and support their weaknesses.

When used properly, understanding that personality testing is not a magic wand, personality tests are a tremendous asset to any corporation, HR department or leader.

Author: Motivator Speakers Andrew Horton

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