As 2015 begins – Now is the time to gag your Critics

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As the New Year begins, it is time to silence your worst critic. The critic, which I am referring to constantly berates you for the smallest mistake or oversight and is relentless in how they criticise your every move. I am sure you know who this person is. It is that person who stares back at you from the bathroom mirror every morning. Yes you are indeed your own worst critic.

I completely understand this, as I too was my own worst critic for many years. My head was constantly filled with negative thoughts and destructive questions. I constantly put myself through a barrage of criticism and kept asking poor questions such as “Why am I so stupid”? Or “What is wrong with me”? Do you do the same to yourself every day?

As we continue to fill our heads with these negative unproductive questions and/or negative self-talk, we gradually destroy our self-belief and self confidence. John Assaraf, best selling author and very successful entrepreneur, refers to these negative thoughts, as ANTS (automatic negative thoughts).


Our brains are constantly filled with negative self-talk, criticising our every move. As you continually ask yourself those self-destructive questions like “Why am I so stupid”, “What is wrong with me” etc. throughout the day, you are creating a negative atmosphere and projecting a very negative attitude to the world around you. All of which adds up into very low or poor self-esteem. Not exactly the best place to start traveling the path towards the success you desire.

Mitigating the effects of ANTS

You will never be equipped for achievement, unless you learn the art of using PATS (positive automatic thoughts) to support you to develop your belief in yourself and in your abilities. Remember, what you constantly think about, you inevitably bring about. When you constantly think negative thoughts, these negative thoughts drive your expectations, your expectations drive your actions and your actions ultimately turn into the outcomes or results you enjoy.

Learn the art of using PATS

As your most important critic, your opinion of yourself and your own internal self-talk, are vitally important to your well-being. The more positive you can be about yourself and the more you can align your thinking towards supporting you to take the right actions daily, which are aligned with the success you desire. The more enjoyable and successful your life will become.

Learn the art of using PATSPOSITIVE AUTOMATIC THOUGHTS” to help you to build your belief in yourself and to improve your self-esteem. When you consistently do this, you will gradually see a remarkable positive shift in the results you are able to achieve. As I said before “what you think about, you bring about”.

Making this work for you

Your consistent positive self-talk, will allow you to live in a bubble of positivity. This means that your expectations will be far greater, than is possible when you constantly think negative thoughts. Your positive thoughts encourage improved expectations, which in turn will drive far more positive daily activities, that will turn into massively improved results.


Whether you believe it or not, you are speaking to yourself throughout the day. For example: Even as you read this line right now, you are talking to yourself. You are asking questions like “How does that compare to my experience”, “I will make a note to try that tomorrow”, “That’s so obvious, I already knew that” etc.

Psycholinguistics or language of the mind can be a very obedient servant and support you to invite the success your desire into your life or it can be a really destructive enemy, which will sabotage you at every turn. The right positive self-talk will build you up, supporting you to improve your level of self-confidence and boost your level of creativity.

Make your Self Talk work for you

Tips to improve your internal self-talk:

  • Practice to become a nurturing coach, rather than a damaging critic. Always reinforce your own success, by using positive self-talk like “That is more like it”, “What can I learn from that”, “I know I can do better, that was just a small slip of concentration” etc.
  • Every one encounters challenges and setbacks. Think like a winner and see them as only temporary, or as an isolated incident. Real winners tell themselves that every challenge is a stepping-stone to greatness.
  • Encourage success, by speaking positively every time you have a victory. Allow yourself to be rewarded when you enjoy success. Never feel guilty about achievement or applause you receive.
  • Learn to accept compliments gracefully with a thank you. Never downplay a compliment receive and also give them freely.
  • Learn to be comfortable spending time alone. The real sign of a winner is someone who does not need to be entertained by people all the time. The ability to be comfortable and content with yourself, means that you have inner peace and are centred.
  • Allow your contentment and joy to show. Greet everyone you meet with a smile of acceptance, projecting an authentic aura of self-confidence. It is not only acceptable to be self-confident, but I believe a pre-requisite, if you want to enjoy high levels of success in your life.

Everyone makes Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. They are just a natural part of any success journey. An opportunity to learn, grow expand and are only a minor detour on your journey towards super achievement. They are never an opportunity to berate or criticise yourself. Learn the lesson every mistake brings, find a way to speak positively to yourself, every time you make a mistake or encounter a challenge and you will not only enjoy far greater levels of success, but you will also get to have a far more pleasant journey through life too.

Author: Andrew Horton

Andrew Horton

Andrew Horton

andrew horton

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