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No business can exist without having a clear picture of their purpose or reason for existing. This vision must be clearly defined, understood and communicated to all stakeholders in the form of a vision statement. The vision statement is a carefully worded statement that flows from the corporations core values. It is a statement that easily defines, describes and outlines the corporate vision, brand identity and business ethics of the corporation.

A great corporate vision statement will serve as the framework and guideline for all decisions going forward. This will ensure business credibility, continuity, consistency and ongoing and creative growth within the corporation.

Every vision statement must clearly define and describe the following:

1)     Who we are

2)     What business we are in, what need we satisfy in our customers

3)     Who our customers are

4)     What makes our business unique or special

The vision statement forms the central philosophy of the corporation and outlines the parameters of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. It is in effect the roadmap or game plan for designing and executing every detail of the corporation from a shared premise or common perspective. The vision statement will form the backbone of the business and will be the glue that will allow teams to pursue a common objective and ensure that they work in a co-operative fashion.

When the values within any corporation are articulated, understood, supported and consistently applied to every facet of the business and they are reflected in every decision made by the corporation. They will begin to permeate right through the organization and be reflected in every area of the business, from the standard of products and service offered, to employee benefits etc.

The vision statement is the backbone of any organization and as such it must be clearly communicated to and understood by all stakeholders. It must be emphasized, explained and delved into in great detail so that all stakeholders share in the ideals, ethics, culture, passion and goals described in the vision statement.

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