The Power of Visualisation

Motivational Speaker

When you establish a crystal clear reason, exactly why you want to achieve something meaningful in your life and you believe with absolute certainty that it is possible for you. You unleash a powerful force within yourself, a tenacity that will be reflected in all the actions you take. Any obstacles that you encounter along the way to success will be easily overcome and you become virtually unstoppable.

When you build a vivid picture, depicting exactly how your life will be after you have realized your dreams or goals and you view this picture in your minds eye at least 10 times a day. You give your mind all the elements necessary to build picture of believability around the potential to actually see your goals manifest in your life and you constantly remind yourself “WHY” you want to achieve each goal.

This clarity of vision, believability and constant reminder; helps you to stay focused and will inspire you to keep taking the very necessary, daily disciplined action that will ensure that you realize your dreams.

When you regularly create a vivid picture in your mind, of exactly how you want your future to be and you constantly visualize this vivid picture in your mind, throughout the day, as though it is your current reality.  You constantly remind yourself of why each goal is important to you, achieving each goal becomes more and more believable and you are far more committed and dedicated to do the work needed to succeed.

When you begin rehearsing your future by visualizing it in your NOW, you are in effect preparing and equipping yourself for the activity necessary to succeed.  No stage performance would ever be successful or a hit without rehearsal. Actors spend hours doing things over and over again until they perform perfectly. When you apply this principle in your life, visualizing yourself performing perfectly, you dramatically increase your chances of creating your future exactly the way you want it.

Author: Andrew Horton Professional Keynote Speakers

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