You Must Commit Yourself To Continual Growth And Improvement


Commit To Continual Growth And Improvement

To continually improve and grow we need stress and challenge as it awakens our greater potential, forces us to raise our game and makes us rise to the level of performance we were capable of all along.

The stress or challenges we face on the path to discovering our potential are merely the catalyst, mostly unwelcome, that awakes the excellence that lies dormant within all of us.

You should maker the choice today to awaken your unlimited potential and learn to view any challenges that will come your way as opportunities to learn and grow.

It is often our most challenging moments in life that offer us the greatest opportunities to grow and expand. Take a real honest look at any challenges you have faced in your life.

Be really brutally honest with yourself. Are you better or worse off for having faced those challenges?

I believe that challenges are only delayed opportunities waiting to be exploited by people that are willing to explore, believe and see beyond the obvious.

We most certainly do live in a friendly universe. When sufficient time has passed, no matter how big a challenge may have appeared at the time, almost everyone I have canvassed is better off, after they have dealt with a challenge, learnt the lesson it had to offer and seen the opportunity it had presented to them.

I enjoy challenging people to search for the future benefit or opportunity in every challenge they face; it most certainly is always there.

When you are out paddling in the sea of life, sometimes the waves are not predictable, smooth or controllable. Should the unexpected happen, you can either allow the waves of challenge to overwhelm you or you can learn to surf and ride the wave of challenge to new levels of success and achievement.

I challenge you to read a biography of someone you admire, who has overcome great hurdles on their path to success. Almost without fail every biography I have read contains stories filled with challenges and how they were overcome.  When you learn what most of them had to endure, and how they overcame challenges, you will be less overwhelmed by the obstacles you may face. I assure you that every hardship you face or are going to face has been endured and conquered by someone before you.

If challenges and obstacles were the deciding factor in how everyone’s lives turned out then no one would attain success.  The only difference between successful people and those that settle for mediocrity is that the former see challenges as things to overcome on their way to success and the latter see them as reasons not to even try.

Your future is never dependent on what happens to you, but rather how you respond to what happens to you. Learn to look for the opportunity in every challenge you face. Remain positive in the face of adversity and allow any challenges that come your way to become the catalyst that will sparks new opportunities.


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