Your Attitude Always Determines Your Altitude


The attitude you project to your environment, is fundamental to your success or failure and so if you want to change the results that you are enjoying, then begin by working to change your attitude first. Strive to present a new positive attitude to the world and the attitude that will be reflected back to you will be positive and supportive of your dreams

Become conscious of everything happening in your environment and choose to see and respond to the good in everything around you, for the attitude you project to the world is exactly what will be reflected back to you.

Turn down the volume of the voices that don’t count and add any value to your life and tune out the shallow voices, so that you can make more time available to listen to the voices that add real and lasting value to your life. Follow these voices to where your expectations are greatest and the demands for you to perform are high, for it is here that you will discover your brilliance and get to live in the magic of life.

History has shown that successful people don’t have fewer challenges than unsuccessful people; they simply have a better attitude & approach to managing them, when they do arise. ATTITUDE makes the difference in your approach to life, how well your relationships work & how you manage any challenges that may come your way. Choose your attitude very carefully as it will have a profound impact on how your life turns out

Although many of us have seen our net worth decline over the past year, have we allowed this to affect our SELF WORTH? Do a self inventory of your life right now and appreciate your health, family and yourself and realise that your self-worth must never depend on any external factors.

If we hold grudges or entertain vengeful thoughts, we exclude ourselves from living the peaceful and fulfilling life we so eagerly desire. Learn the art of forgiveness, for it will liberate and empower you. Act as a victim and you allow your power to be stripped away and you offer perpetual power to the person that has angered or wronged you.

Besides the obvious physical positive benefits that accrue to you as a result of actively helping others, there are a number of other benefits that help you build a strong foundation for a successful life. A giving and helping attitude toward others makes a huge difference in not only the lives of others, but fosters a feeling of happiness and satisfaction in your life as well.


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