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The energy and effort expended, creating “DREAM TEAMS”, will really be appreciated, when you start to see the synergy and symbiosis beginning to flow and you start to see remarkable results coming from all your teams. You will start to see the massive benefits of great team work, where the sum of the results flowing from the team, far exceed the sum of the individual efforts of each team member.

Build your teams with enthusiasm and lead them with energy and vitality. Always ensuring that each team member clearly understand their individual roles and the overall team purpose. When you combine the efforts of two or more people and you ensure that they have the right amount of vision, a common purpose and a clear set of goals and objectives, you can and will accomplish amazing results.

When building your “DREAM TEAM” go right back to basics and begin to explore the raw fundamentals and outcomes you want to achieve. This will give you the opportunity to go back to basics and allow you to carry out the following really important tasks.

Take a really hard look at the members of your team

1)     What strengths and weaknesses do they bring to the team?

2)     Is their skill set suitable for the outcome the team wants to achieve?

3)     Are there any skills any team members need to hone or acquire?

4)     If any team member cannot acquire the necessary skills, can they be replaced?

5)     Is the teams Purpose and vision clear and understood by all team members

6)     Are the team goals clearly defined and properly communicated to each team member?

7)     Is the action plan properly refined and does each team member know their individual responsibilities?

Exploring these fundamental issues will allow you to build your team from scratch and allow you to create a great team, filled with the right individuals that will all contribute to the overall outcome of the team. When it comes to teamwork and building a “DREAM TEAM” ; the whole is always much greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Creating A “Dream Team”

Before you start to build your “Dream Teams” it is very important to go right back to basics and to explore the fundamentals. Ensure that you have a crystal clear picture of the organizations overall mission and vision and then create a clear understanding of exactly how your teams can become part of the big picture.

Start the process by first creating a philosophy and define the overall mission of the team. Define and understand the core values and revisit and refine your unique positioning statement and recommit to communicate and apply all of these in your teams

Build a set of goals that are aligned with the overall goals of the organization and then take a really hard look at your current teams and see if they are suitable to meet the desired outcomes. You will always get what you ask for, so have a really clear picture of what your teams must look like and who you want in your teams.

Look at all your teams through the eyes of a recruiter. Take a really hard look at the current team members and identify the stars, which you would have no hesitation including in your team right now. Identify those team members that can be developed into stars and lastly have the courage to identify those team members that are dragging your team away from success.

Core values that flow from the “TOP” must foster the proper attitude toward teamwork and human capital. The message that is heard must support the teams by offering support to train or recruit the right combination of people and a dynamic team configuration that will ensure the teams can function properly. Then simply pull the trigger and allow the process to unfold.

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