Success Is simple – Discipline is The only Cost

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When you want to achieve anything meaningful in your life, how industrious do you think you should be? How much of your time should you invest to make it happen and how hard do you think you should work?

Your philosophy about the need to be industrious and your attitude to how important it is that work precedes success, will most certainly affect the quality of your life.

Never underestimate the importance of including scheduled rest periods into your daily routine. Although very important, we must strive to rest only enough to stay inspired and driven to succeed. The level of future success you will enjoy is directly proportional to the work ethic you follow.

The ratio of rest versus work and the amount of time and labor you are prepared to commit to your success, will ultimately determine where your life will wind up five or ten years from now. Your work ethic or lack thereof will determine the size of your fortune and the freedom you will enjoy. Substantial amount of work will equal great fortune and freedom, whilst lack of work will equal a meager fortune and very little freedom.

The cost of applying a substantial amount of labor to all your endeavors is negligible. Small daily disciplines cost almost nothing in time or energy, yet the rewards are very high. The cost of laziness on the other hand is very high and results in failure, bankruptcy, divorce, retrenchment, a very small fortune and almost no freedom.

Choose the small price of discipline today and commit to pay this very small price right now so that you can avoid paying the huge price that will inevitably, be asked later, if you continue to choose laziness.

Choosing laziness over an enterprising work ethic, where you do less than you are capable of, results in a breakdown in your self confidence and leaves us feeling unfulfilled. The accumulated effect of this continued neglect and loss of self worth will ultimately lead to devastation.

When you choose to be industrious and you have a great work ethic, you empower yourself and you feel great satisfaction and a sense of real accomplishment. This results in an ever increasing level of self worth, self confidence and self respect.

When choosing laziness over enterprise, always consider the small price that is asked when you commit to apply yourself to a routine of daily discipline, which results in so many positive benefits versus the huge cost of laziness. When you weigh these two options up against each other, can anyone choose not to be enterprising and to have a great work ethic?

Ultimately it is how we feel about ourselves and the level of happiness we experience that is the real reward that life has to offer. The increased fortune that will also flow as a result of our enterprising attitude is merely a very welcome side effect of this practice.

If you want to convert your dreams into reality then commit to apply sufficient energy and activity to make just that possible for you. This conversion of your ideas or dreams into reality gives you an incredible sense of personal value and allows you to feel fulfilled and fills you with a sense of accomplishment.

So when you choose enterprise over laziness, you not only open yourself up to enjoy the wonderful rewards that will most certainly flow to you, but you also have the added benefit of so many emotional benefits that will flow to you too. So what are you waiting for, choose enterprise today.

Author: Andrew Horton Public Speakers

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