Motivational Speakers ask whether, you are you willing to give a little?

sales motivational speakers newI am sure you are like the rest of us, who inhabit this incredible planet and you also survey your world, looking to see what you can get from everyone around you. This presentation by one of the most inspiring motivational speakers around, will ask you why you are constantly seeking mentors and role models, who can support you to accelerate your progress and achieve the success you desire. My challenge to you today, is simple. Shelve your selfish need to always be taking, from your world, even for just a moment and instead invest some time today, to look around your world with giving eyes and focus on all you can give.

Find someone to Mentor

I have always said that I never give to desperation, as this only empowers the person to remain trapped in a desperate place. I however give freely to inspiration, where people have the power to actually change their lives and escape the cycle of never ending desperation. Yes of course it is always better to teach a person to fish, than it is to give them a fish. The fisherman will get feed themselves for years, whilst the person who receives the fish, will only enjoy a very temporary respite from the challenges they face every day.

Action Idea: Look around your world and identify someone today, who you can be a role model for and mentor them. Look for innovative ways to become a role model to them and invest time, resources and effort to support them to escape the challenges, which are keeping them trapped in that difficult place. There is no greater reward than watching someone grow, expand and escape from their restrictive place in the world. There are thousands of deserving people all around you.

Imagine how we can change our world, if each one of us commits to help just one other person, mentoring them to a place where they too can become a role model and mentor to someone else.

Motivational Speakers show you how to Become a great Role Model and Mentor

The secret to becoming a great mentor and role model is to look around your world with open enquiring and giving intent. Discover what others want and need and then find innovative ways to support them to achieve their desires. Invest time to become a good listener and wise communicator. You can only truly help and support others, if you listen, question and discover the true needs.

There are incredible examples of people, who achieved great success, due to the support and mentoring they received from others.

Frank Sinatra would never have become the resounding success he became, was it not for the superb breath control he learned from his band leader Tommy Dorsey. We all know the contribution Anne Sullivan made towards allowing Helen Keller escape the prison, created by her physical challenges. Go back even as far as Plato, arguably one of the greatest philosophers of all time, who left an indelible mark on the world. He would probably never have achieved much at all, had it not been for the mentoring given to him by Socrates. If you give a little of yourself you too could potentially be the next Renoir to the next Monet.

You can be a role model and mentor to someone in your world. You never know, what they may grow into and become. Think back over your own life, who has had the greatest impact on your life? Were they people, who really cared about you and helped and supported you. Well now is the time for you to give a little back, it is time for you to be the mentor in someone else’s life. Dare to care a little and make a difference in someone’s life; it truly is a life changing experience.

You can Create a better World

When you all accept 100 % responsibility, for creating a better world, exactly that will begin to become your reality and your world will begin to become the positive wonderful place, we all deserve to inhabit. If you want to change the world, remember that change is a door, which opens from within. When you change the way you think and interact with the world, the world you interact with will change too. The more you look around your world for ways to make it better, the more you will begin to see a better and better world appear.

You are a spiritual being, who consists of the purest form of energy, enjoying a fleeting physical experience, on this beautiful planet. As one of the top motivational speakers I will show you that you consist of pure energy, the more positive energy you radiate from within, through your positive commitment to those around you, the more positive energy will be attracted to you, in the form of opportunity, security, love, grace and joy. Keep your connection to the quantum field, as positive as possible and you will enjoy the wonders and abundance, which it will bring.

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