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After attending one of the best sales motivational speakers presentations, you will understand why I am sure you must have heard this old cliché repeated many time before. “It is not your aptitude, but your attitude, which determines your altitude”. The truth though, is that the attitude, you choose to project to the world; will make a huge difference to the way your life will turn out in the future. So beware of the language you use, when you talk to yourself and others. The way to create and project a great attitude, starts with you focusing your attention and the language you use, on what you actually want to achieve. If you focus on what you don’t want, you are putting yourself on the back foot and projecting a poor attitude to yourself and the world. Always think your best, do your best and try to be the best you can be.

Sales Motivational Speakers

Focus on what will be

Don’t think negative thoughts like:
What if no-one responds”? Instead think “What will happen when they do respond”?
What if someone says no” instead think “What will happen when they all say yes”?
What if people start and then stop”? Instead think “How amazing things will be when they start and remain the distance”?
What if things don’t work out”? Instead say “How amazing will things be when they do work out”?
The list goes on and on. The secret I want you to uncover here is to learn to never focus on lack or loss. Rather focus on possibility and results. This puts you in a very strong position of belief, where you will feel inspired and be equipped to project a believable positive attitude to the world, one, which will allow you to feel passionate and driven to succeed.

What you think about you bring about

Of course you know that what you think about, you will eventually take action on and bring about. So if you focus on possibility and on what you would like to see manifest in your life in the future. Your thoughts will shift in that direction and your daily activities, in turn will start to also pull you towards what you want. So be aware of the thoughts you think and the language you use as they are both acting to pull you either towards the success you desire or they will inevitably pull you away from it. A little shift in your thinking and a small positive twist in the vocabulary you use, will not only help you to have a more positive attitude, but also assist you to improve your performance too.

Subtlety of Language

My daughter has learned that, if she wants any money. The wrong language to use with me is “I need some money”. She has realised that if she is going to have any success in actually getting her hands on the money. The right language is “How can I earn the money I need”? When she uses positive language, which shows inspired intent, she learns a valuable life lesson. When she uses the language of desperation, she learns nothing from the experience. Teach your children how to use the right language and they will grow into well rounded adults, who have so much to offer this world.

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