What Makes Life Worthwhile

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There are four simple concepts that make life really worthwhile. The first is a lifelong commitment to ongoing learning and growth. You must strive to wake up each day a little better than you were the previous day. This is best accomplished when you introduce a few small disciplines into your life every day.

What you don’t know will most certainly hurt you. Commit to read for a minimum of 30 minutes each day, use your commuting time as your mobile university, listen to inspirational or educational recordings while you are driving and attend seminars and conferences.

Learn from all your life experiences too, both negative and positive. Sometimes the best way to perfect something is to first do it wrong. Also be observant of everything that goes on in your environment and engage Mentors, so that you equip yourself to learn from other peoples experiences too.

Commit to learn from the both the positive and negative experiences of others. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to not only see what concepts will work in your life, but also equips you to learn what mistakes others have made before you, so that you can avoid making similar mistakes yourself.

Learning comes in many guises, so pay attention to everything that you see and hear in your environment. The trick to get the maximum benefit from all you hear and see is to accept all the information you gather as feedback. Avoid allowing useless information, to be dumped into your mental factory. Sort through the info you gather and separate the clutter from the value.

Life is worthwhile if you commit to daily disciplined action. Learning is really important, but all the knowledge and skill you will gain, is only preparation and of no value until you commit to apply both in your life. Application of any knowledge or skill only becomes effective, in ensuring sustainable success, when you commit to daily disciplined action and you keep applying the skill or knowledge until you succeed.

Commit to apply these three words in your life I will, Until. Sustainable success and real progress will come when you apply daily effort to carry out the really important tasks that are aligned with your goals and dreams. You keep trying to succeed not matter what obstacles or challenges may come your way and you adapt the adage of I will, until I overcome any challenge, I, will until I discover a new opportunity, I will until I find a better way, I will, until I succeed, I will, until……… You fill in the blank.

Life is worthwhile when you are aligned with your purpose and you care enough to try to make a real difference. When you have a caring attitude you will not only achieve far more meaningful results in your life, but you will begin to experience really incredible results that will astound even you.

You must care enough to make a real difference in your environment, care enough that you will do whatever it takes to succeed, care enough to overcome any challenges that will inevitably cross your path and care enough to remain inspired until you succeed. When you understand the importance of real caring you will have discovered the real deep rooted reason why you must succeed.

These four simple concepts, when applied in your life will yield remarkable results and you will feel a greater sense of value and self worth. What are you waiting for, the small disciplines required cost very little, so introduce these principles into your life today and live the excellence you deserve.

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