10 X Goal Achieving is Easier than you Think

The first time I heard about the concept of 10 X thinking, planning and goal setting,  was, a few years back, from Daren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine, in the USA. At the time it seemed like an interesting concept, but not one I thought would work. Since then I have read the 10 X Rule by Grant Cardone and numerous books and articles, by other thought leaders like Dan Sullivan, etc. As all these people have enjoyed massive levels of success in areas, where I wanted to play, I decided to explore the concept a little further. 
Simplicity at Work
Imagine a concept that could grow something, which is really important to you, “10 X” and yet you would end up with a much simpler, easier to manage and more enjoyable process. Would you find value in something like that? 
What is it you want?
Action Idea: Look at your own business and ask what you would like to achieve over the next twelve months. It could be something as simple as growing your turnover or profits tenfold or maybe something a little more creative like, doubling your results, with one fifth of your current clientele or maybe you want to retain your current business, as is, but would like to spend ten times more time with your family. The picture you paint, about what you would like to create in the future is up to you. The only requirement is that the results, you will achieve, must stretch you. You must aim to achieve an outcome, which is 10 X greater than you are currently achieving.
Secret to Working with 10 X Goals
Don’t look at your “10 X” goal, as an end unto itself. Rather look at it, as a means of supporting you to hone and develop a new set of skills and abilities, which will enable you to achieve 10 X outcomes, in the future. The more I explore the concept of 10 X thinking, the more convinced I become that it is not only a way to really thrive, but in this ever changing world we live in, it has almost become a necessity to survive.
Stretch yourself
Action Idea: Start to explore your world and look for ways to make 10 X improvements to the way you do things, find ways to achieve 10 X growth, look for ways to be 10 X more innovative and you will have uncovered a formula for becoming the best possible version of you. I believe that future belongs to 10 X thinkers.
The Rewards 
The rewards that will start to flow to you, all start with 10 X goal setting, which supports you to engage in 10 X thinking and 10 X learning. The improvements you will see in your life and business will be far greater than even you could ever imagine.  The power of 10 X goal setting, is found in the fact that, when you start to think 10 X, you are immediately thrust out of your current limited paradigm. As if by magic, limitations and obstacles, which existed before, begin to change and disappear. 10 X goals setting, does not get you out of the box you are in, it thrusts you into a completely new different box altogether.
10 X – Speeds things up
It sounds counter intuitive, but when you engage in 10 X thinking, things become far clearer, which allows you to make far greater progress, in a much shorter time frame. This happens because 10 X goals seem to act, as a really powerful filter, which allows for easier decision making and action. It effectively allows you to sort out all the issues, which are not in alignment with where you want to go. 
This clarity allows you to quickly shift through ideas, relationships, projects, activities etc. and decide if they have 10 X potential or not. You can then ask questions like:
·         Is this process going to support me to go 10 X?
·         Is this how I want to spend my time to go 10 X?
·         Does this relationship have 10 X potential?
·         Is this 10 X – you fill in the blank?
As you start to filter all your relationships, activities and decisions, through the 10 X filter of possibility, you can quickly begin to transform everything in your life. You can then eliminate all those things, which do not support exponential growth and create and attract all the things that do.
10 X Progress
You have an internal Google search engine called your RAS or reticular activating system. This is a neural net of nerves at the base of your skull, which filters out all the noise around you and only allows the crucial information you need to get through. As you know the mind only sees and the ears only hear what the mind is looking for. So if you have not programmed your mind to think 10 X and to look for 10 X ways of doing things, you will never see them. There are numerous 10 X opportunities all around you right now, but because you are not looking for them, you will never see them. 
When you start to think 10 X and set 10 X goals. It is as if by magic, that great people, with the perfect capabilities, seem to appear and they are willing to form strategic relationships with you. Unique technologies and innovative shortcuts, which eluded you for years, seem to just show up. The truth is that they have been there all the time. You have just not been thinking 10 X and did not have 10 X goals, so you did not see them.
10 X is easier, faster and more enjoyable
When I started exploring 10 X goal setting and thinking, it seemed counter intuitive to believe that achieving a goal 10 X larger,  would be easier to achieve than setting a goal of only 2 X, what I was currently achieving. The reason for this is that to go 2 X, you don’t need to change much. All you need to do is work a little harder or longer. You just need to expand on what you are already doing. If you Leverage your current capabilities, you can only grow incrementally, never exponentially. 
To go 10 X on the other hand means that the way you have always done things, will no longer cut it. To achieve 10 X goals, you need real change. You need to change the way you look at things and start to make leaps in your value creation, huge improvements in efficiency, resourcefulness and productivity. This new way of thinking, puts you in the driver seat. Instead of always feeling like you are trying to catch up, you will feel like you are in the driver’s seat.
Evolving technology and other changes are going to force you to change in the medium to long term anyway. So why not adopt 10 X goal setting and thinking, which will allow you to be ahead of the crowd, where you make those same changes in the short term.

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