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This sales Training course is carefully designed to help you to make those few crucial behavioral shifts you need to make to turn yourself into a sales Giant.  Use this resource as your guide; to help you to make those few positive shifts, to both your behaviour and philosophy, so that you can finally bring both meaning and fulfilment into your experience. Until you do this, something amazing is going to happen – “Nothing”. The sales results you are able to enjoy is up to you.

I am completely committed to your success as a sales professional. So to support you on your journey and to help you light the fire of inspiration in your belly and give you the gentle push you need to finally pull the trigger on creating the future you want. I am contributing a few ideas, tools and techniques, to this book, which have been formulated in the laboratory of my own life and tested in my numerous very successful businesses ventures over the past twenty five years. These tools have helped me develop a wonderful life of meaning, where I live a very fulfilled experience. It has also helped me to create a financial wall around my family, allowing me to now have the freedom to live the life of my choosing.

Please take all the invitations that I have offered you in this sales training intervention, and dare to test drive them in your own life or business. The operative words are “test drive” them. No knowledge can ever serve you unless you actually commit to use it. The simple secret for turning this book into the meaning and fulfilment you desire comes from your willingness to test my proven ideas in your own life or business.

Where you are right now to improve your sales results is the perfect place to start down the path towards the life you have always dreamed of living. All that is required for you to start and sustain this incredible journey, is a few crucial philosophical and behavioural shifts and a daily dose of willpower, to help you build the success habit set, which will drive your daily actions, towards the success you desire. Come join us on this wonderful ride of exploration and growth, where you can finally ignite that fire of inspiration in your belly, as you commit to “Get off your Ass” and create the life of your dreams.

My goal when writing this sales training intervention is to inspire, inform and improve your life and business.  All I expect from you in return, is a commitment to actually do something with all the ideas, which I will share with you.

The English poet Robert Browning once said:

A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now.  Not tomorrow, not next week, but today.  The true super achiever is a doer not a dreamer.  The critical ingredient is “Getting off your butt” and doing something. It is as simple as that!

So let’s be sure that you are one of the few who decides to do something with all these great ideas and insights, which you will glean from this book, because if you do, your whole future will be incredible and filled with fulfilment and meaning.

This Sales Training Course will Awaken Your Internal Champion, so that you Become a Sales Champion

We are mistakenly led to believe that we need the accolades and cheers from others, before we can really feel successful as a sales professional. An example of this comes from my own childhood. Before the advent of video games and the constant bombardment of 24 hour entertainment streaming directly into our lounges, the highlight of our year was attending the carnival, when it came to town.

We could hardly wait to ride the bobbing wild animals and whirl, round and round to the music that was blasting out of the old antique pipe organ. Surrounded by flashing lights and strategically placed mirrors, our hearts would race as we all competed to be the one who could reach out and grab hold of the gold ring, thereby winning another free ride. I believe that the simple act of always giving my all, trying desperately to reach out and grab that gold ring, helped give birth to my competitive spirit.

This competitive spirit and the need to always be the best, so that I could enjoy the praise from others, to feel valued, manifested in me from a very young age. I would always compete in every sporting event I could, trying to win at all costs and overcome everyone around me, so that I could be the best and be recognised by the people around me.

This continued into my adult life. I would watch world class athletes standing on the highest podium in the centre of the stadium, raising their hands to the loud roar of approval from the crowd. This was a huge joy for me. I would feel the pride and honour as though it was me standing on the podium.

I held onto that dream of one day standing on the podium myself, basking in the glory. I have subsequently reached my goal to be the best and have competed on both a national and international levels in Karate. Yes, it feels really great in the moment, standing on the podium receiving your trophy and basking in the glory of the cheers from the crowd. This is however a fleeting experience and does not leave you with much meaning or fulfilment after the event is over. I believe that the dream to be the best is ingrained into us from an early age and is the reason so many people give up on their dreams.

This Sales Training Course will show you That Success as a sales Professional is an Inside Job

Due to the pressures placed on us to always be the best and to win at all costs, we are mistakenly led to believe that success and winning is something you earn by reaching outside of yourself. Constantly trying to prove to others that you are worthy of their praise, as you strive to prove yourself, earning more, winning all the time or attempting to perform in some special way.

This crazy notion that you need to always outperform, outmanoeuvre or outplay everyone around you, is the single biggest reason why people give up on their dreams. They are so desperately trying to win all the time.  Trying to earn self-worth through external praise from others, that when they are unable to be no 1 all the time, and no longer get the external praise they so desperately need, they simply give up and stop trying.

Believe in your own Internal Value and you will become an outstanding Sales professional

We are mistakenly led to believe that the approval of others always precedes feelings of self-worth and self-confidence and that you are only entitled to feel good about yourself after you have outperformed everyone around you. It saddens me to think how many people still live by this mistaken belief and keep themselves trapped in lives they hate, because they have not realised that the key trait needed to live a life of meaning and fulfilment is, simply creating a fundamental belief in your own internal value.

It has taken me many years to realise that the wellspring of personal and professional success is found by applying the following principals in your life:

  • The value you feel must be an inside job. Never rely on the opinion of others to develop your feelings of self-worth or self-confidence.
  • Your performance is only a reflection of your internal worth and never a measure of it.
  • Your own sense of value must determine the quality of your performance.
  • The less you strive to impress everyone around you, the more impressive you are.

Believe in your own internal value and stop looking around for approval from others. You are truly magnificent and unique in your own special way and have so much to offer the world. Stop measuring your success by your external possessions or you will constantly be subject to anxiety. Do not rely on the cheers of your peers to drive your success. You can never succeed in the long run, if your concept of success depends upon always winning, offering a perfect performance every time or hearing the cheers of everyone around you.

Make the most of your Uniqueness and become the best Sales Professional Possible

It is very clear that good looks, talent and other attributes are not equally distributed, but the one thing none of us is ever short of, is value. We are all filled to overflowing with value, more than we could ever hope to use in several lifetimes. The game of life is never played on a level playing field, in terms of education, supportive environments, available resources and many other circumstances beyond our control. The one thing I am certain of is that you were born with unlimited value and the ability to be the best possible version of yourself possible. What are you waiting for, unlock your value and become the best you can be. Note I said be the best you can be, it is very unproductive to always strive to be the best at all costs.

You were born a champion, but you have allowed yourself to be broken down by perceptions, unrealistic expectations and exposure to a judgemental environment and your need for external recognition. You came into this world a winner, but have programmed yourself to not live according to your highest potential, because of responses you have received from your environment. Dare to recognise your internal value and use that as the foundation for achieving your full potential. Become an inner winner, believe in yourself and you can succeed at anything.

Become the best version of yourself possible after attending this sales training Intervention

There are numerous possibilities available, for you to become the best possible version of your unique self. Accept that there is only one version of you on this planet; no one else has your unique mind, life experience, character, attitude and exactly the same philosophy as you. This realisation sets you apart from the average and allows you to see that you can become the best, in your own unique way. I want you to look at yourself and see your unique strengths, abilities, experience and unlimited potential, as tools to begin and sustain your journey, toward the future that you desire.

Begin to believe in all the possibilities that are available to you and stop limiting yourself any longer, by remaining trapped in your own self-imposed comfort zone.  Start to gradually stretch yourself from today and begin to perform in your own unique and special way, using your unique strengths, abilities and experience to gradually unlock your unlimited potential.

Awaken your belief in yourself and start to search and discover all the opportunities that are all around you right now. This shift away from doubt and constant negative self-talk, toward belief and positive affirmation, opens your mind to possibility and will reveal numerous opportunities, which have been right there all along, but have been invisible because of your lack of self-belief and your restrictive attitude.

Unlock the Super Human in you, by using the information contained in this sales training intervention

Learn to see all you are capable of achieving and stop limiting yourself because of your lack of confidence and belief in your abilities. You are capable of achieving outcomes that far exceed even your own wildest dreams, but you restrict yourself to a very limited ring of possibility, because you impose restrictions on yourself, due to your lack of self-worth and confidence.

I want to tell you a few stories about super human performance, where circumstances and the need to save the life of a loved one, propelled people to perform at levels, they did not think were even possible.

Marie Peyton from Texas, was walking behind a self-drive lawn mower, when the accelerator got stuck and the mower pulled out of her hands.  The mower was out of control and was heading across the lawn, right toward Marie’s granddaughter, Elsie.  The mower blades were still running and it was about to run over Elsie, tearing her to shreds. In a feat of super human performance, Marie covered about 3 m, grabbed hold of the mower, which weighed about 150 kg and tossed it out of the way, like it was a light piece of plastic.

This superhuman performance, by a grandmother that struggled to empty the dustbin every day, which weighed only 12 kg, was well beyond the realm of what Marie thought was possible for her and highlights the unlimited potential that resides within all of us, to perform at levels far greater than even we believe is possible.

Angela Carvalho, was standing in her kitchen, when she heard a loud scream coming from outside. She ran outside and saw her son trapped under a 1964 Chevrolet, Impala. The jack had failed and the car had fallen on top of his chest. She immediately grabbed hold of the car and lifted the weight off his chest. She held the car off her son for five minutes, until the neighbours arrived and managed to reset the jack and lift the car off Angela’s son.

It is estimated that Angela lifted about 545 Kg (1200 Pounds) off her son and held it off his chest, for about five minutes. The current Olympic record for women for the deadlift is 228 kg (502.6 pounds). Angela held almost three times that weight off her son for almost five minutes.

I have shared these two stories with you to try to highlight that you have unlimited potential and incredible unique strengths and abilities. Have the courage to start to explore the limits of your potential and become the best possible version of yourself possible. I know that you are working well below the level of performance you are capable of achieving. Begin believing and I know that you will begin achieving, at levels that will astound you and everyone around you.

It is time to Unlock your Incredible Future and Turn this Sales Training Program into the Sales Success you deserve

We all have varying degrees of sight, but everyone has the ability to develop an incredible and unlimited “VISION” for their future. This is our innate ability to visualise what may seem invisible to others or in many cases may not even exist yet. There is absolutely no limit to what we can visualise in our minds eye. When you are dreaming, or visualising, every possibility exists. “NO-THING” is beyond the realm of possibility.

Do you Believe that your Potential as a sales Professional is Limited in any way?

It is mistakenly believed that our potential is limited by our current abilities, knowledge, skills or even our current circumstances, whereas, in reality, our limits only exist within our own self-imposed comfort zone and restrictive beliefs. We can completely remove any perceived limits and swim in the sea of abundance, which flows all around us, if we are able to believe in ourselves and build a crystal clear picture in our mind about all the possibility, which exists all around us.

Turning this picture of Possibility into a Vision for the Future is the Main Objective of this Sales Training Program

Your vision of what is possible can never be a loosely held picture of what may be possible or could be. It must be a crystal clear vivid image of your future reality and an appeal to your inner self to become all you can be.

The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight,
but has no vision.”—Helen Keller

Action Idea: Take the picture or vision you create in your mind’s eye and project it onto the screen of probability and you will start the process of creating a picture of possibility, which will become the initial creative motion, which you need to use to light the fire of inspiration in your belly. This internal fire will be what drives you to finally pull the trigger and take the daily action you need to take to succeed.

Create vivid pictures in your mind’s eye of the future, you want. Then begin the process of converting these into your future reality, by creating goals and a strategic plan to make it all possible for you. Finally break your plan back into individual daily actions. Now simply wake up every day, shake it up and ensure that you take a few targeted, goal specific actions every day and your vision will gradually become real.

Your Challenge when attending this Sales Training Program

Ensure that the picture that you have in your mind is a reflection of the future you really do desire. If you consistently hold onto the wrong pictures of how your future should turn out, then you will manifest an undesirable future that you don’t want

One person sees a rock pile another sees a great cathedral.
“The difference”? Vision.

Dare to Dream Big after attending this Sales Training Course

It is seldom, if ever, that anyone exceeds their own belief in their potential or their own vision of possibility. You will never rise above the image you hold in your mind about what is possible for you. So in reality you can and will only ever live the vision you have of what is possible for you.

In fact the life you are living right now is exactly what you have envisioned in the past as possible for you. The subconscious belief and picture, which you hold in your mind right now, has shaped who you are and will continue shaping who you will become. How you see yourself or the vision you hold of your potential is exactly what will turn up in your life. Don’t you think it is time you stopped leaving this to chance and you made the conscious effort to picture the actual future you want?

Do you want to Remain Bland or can you Finally Unleash your Grand as a sales Professional?

Everything in your life, your finances, relationships, career, health etc. will only be as grand or bland, as the vision you hold regarding each area of your life. So as you can see your future possibilities are only limited by your ability to be a visionary about all the possibilities, which await you.

Predict and Project your Future as a sales Professional

You can predict your future with great accuracy, if you trust your vision and you believe in yourself. Now simply pull the trigger on possibility, where you get to convert your vision of probability into possibility and finally inevitability.

Can you Turn “NO-THING” into something worthwhile after attending this sales training course?

All the goods and services, which make our lives better every day, started out as simply a thought or an idea in someone’s imagination. Why do those products or services even exist in the first place? How did a simple thought, an idea, transform into something tangible. What separates those ideas and thoughts that enter our heads and then simply disappear, from those thoughts that are acted upon and turned into something tangible and of value?

The Difference is Vision, Belief and Action and your commitment to become a sales professional

The ideas that are taken from our mind and made into something real; are ideas that are given life in the mind of the dreamer. They create a crystal clear picture in their mind, where they see the product or service as both possible and desirable. This vivid vision or picture they hold in their minds eye, feels so real, it can actually be seen, felt, tasted, smelt and even heard, as though it already existed. This vivid picture of possibility is the foundation for turning any idea into tangible things.

Take Action after attending this sales Training Course

Every great idea or concept starts out as only a few electrical charges in our brains and exists as only a small ray of possibility, and unless acted upon, will remain just that.

Action Idea: The first step to make any idea real; is to imagine all the possibilities, which can flow from every thought or idea and to then explore the potential to convert all these possibilities into the reality you envision.

Take Goal Specific Action Daily and become the top Sales Professional

The secret to invite your vision into your future is hidden behind a really dirty four letter word. That four letter word is “WORK”. When you commit to work tirelessly and you consistently take inspired goal specific action daily, you become unstoppable. Daily action empowers you to convert any vision you hold, into reality and is the pathway towards any success that you desire.

Uncover the Secret to sales success after attending this sales training program

After you have explored all the possibilities, create a deep rooted belief in your ability to turn possibility into probability and finally reality. Create a plan to convert the intangible possibility, which exists only in your mind’s eye, into a set of daily activities, which can be acted upon and you have discovered the secret to convert any idea into reality.

Make it Happen and become the best sales training professional possible

Once you have made the decision to convert your vision into reality all that is left to do is to pull the trigger and to include these few new activities into your daily schedule. Ensure that you commit to carry out one small action at a time, keep repeating this every day and you will get breathe life into any new ideas and dreams you may have. When you begin to take action you make your thoughts viable and you begin the powerful process of construction and creation.

You possess an incredible power, namely the power of creation. You can convert “NOTHING” or merely a thought, an idea into something tangible and real.

All that is required to utilize this power is:

  • An unfettered belief in yourself
  • A commitment to take action daily
  • Willpower and discipline to keep taking these actions.
  • Patience to allow things to evolve.
  • Persistence to keep going even when things get tough.

What are you waiting for, put this new awareness to work for you today and you will see the magic begin to unfold before your eyes. You truly are a magnificent creator, filled with unlimited possibility. Dare to bring life to the things that matter most in your life or business.

Give birth to your Dreams and become the best possible sales professional possible

This wonderful process of creation does not only work for goods and services, it can be used to give birth to your dreams too. Dare to dream big, see all the wonderful possibility available to you. Now all that is left for you to do to use this simple process of creation, and to turn your dreams into something real.

Know why you want to Succeed and become the best sales professional possible

Action idea: Discover your deep rooted reason why you want to succeed and nothing can or will stop you from succeeding.

If I placed a plank on the ground about 30 cm wide and I offered you R 1000 if you would walk over the plank. I am certain that you would jump at the opportunity to take my money so easily. If I however suspended the same plank between two high-rise buildings and now offered you the same prize to walk over the plank, I am certain that most people would see the increased risk of injury and would refuse to go anywhere near the plank.

Based on the changed circumstances, could you think of any reason why you would walk over the plank? What if I said that your child was on the other building and the building was on fire? The flames were licking at the feet of your child. Would you now not run over the plank, not once, but twice to rescue your child? What changed? All that changed was your reason why you needed to cross the plank.

After attending this sales training course you will Gather Momentum, and Push the Pedal down Harder

When you have discovered your burning child on the building or rather when you have discovered why achieving your goal is really important to you, no obstacles, roadblocks or challenges will ever be able to stop you. As you consistently keep taking action every day, the momentum will gather and as you keep following through, nothing can or will stop you from succeeding.

Know why you want to do Something and Nothing Can Stop you as a sales professional

My experience has shown me that, the success of your efforts does not depend on the efforts themselves, but rather on your motive for carrying out the actions in the first place. Super achievement, where individuals have excelled or where they have built great personal or business success, has in most cases, been driven by an unfathomable desire to express themselves, by solving a problem using their skills and knowledge as best they could. They felt compelled and driven to express their inner vision and nothing could stop them. Discover that deep rooted reason why you want to succeed at anything, take action daily and no obstacle or challenge will ever stop you from realising your dreams.

After attending this sales training program you will learn to Celebrate your victories

Celebrate every small victory along the way, but resist the temptation to ease up, when you achieve a really great breakthrough. Keep the balls rolling and you will see the massive benefits accrue, as the compounding effect of your daily actions keeps adding up and the momentum grows.

Achieving your goals and realising your dreams, is seldom the result of luck. Unless by LUCK, you mean “Labour Under Correct Knowledge”. Success is simply the result of consistently taking goal specific action every day and never allowing yourself to be distracted by temptation. Finally commit to “Get Off Your Ass” and stop seeking pleasure in the moment and board the MO train with us today.

It is time for you to jump aboard the “MO” Train and become the best possible sales professional

Big meaningful goals are never achieved in a day, by overloading yourself and trying to do everything you need to do the first day. They are achieved daily, by consistently carrying out small almost insignificant goal specific actions and then simply repeating this consistently, until you succeed.

After attending this sales training course you will board the Mo train

When you have developed a daily success routine and you have set time set aside every day, to carry out your goal specific activities, you have boarded the “MO” train. Your daily dedication and commitment, to carry out the necessary goal specific actions, is what will, over time, create the momentum you need to succeed.

As you consistently keep taking action every day, you will start to build momentum. Momentum is the great exaggerator, for both good and bad. When you have no momentum, it feels like you are going nowhere and nothing seems to be happening. On the other hand, once you start to build momentum, everything just seems to fall into place and the positive results start to show.

After attending this Sales Training course you will learn how to Push Yourself to Achieve the Breakthrough in your sales results

The way to succeed at achieving any goal is to accept that, you will at first need to apply a significant amount of willpower, to push you from build-up to breakthrough. The secret to make this work for you is to gradually increase your goal specific workload and to eventually create a new daily success routine or success habit set to support your daily goal specific activities.

Stay focused and driven, the first part of any success journey is cluttered with distractions and temptations. Don’t allow yourself to seek out the instant gratification associated with, pleasure in the moment. Keep focused on the outcome or outcomes you want to achieve.

What Does Living a Great Life as a sales professional Mean to you?

The way to achieve the level of satisfaction and fulfilment you desire is unique to you. So the best way to begin this journey, toward living the ultimate expression of your life, is to first define what “Living a Great Life” means to you specifically and then go about the business of making, just that possible for you.

Action Idea: Explore all the areas of your life and examine each one individually, then build a crystal clear picture in your mind, around exactly what you need to have in each area of your life to ensure that you are living a harmonious, life, filled with meaning.


Explore your current Career:

  • Is it meeting your needs, does it satisfy your desire to be productive and make a contribution to your families’ wellbeing and your self-worth?
  • Is it in line with your purpose and will it deliver on your dreams?
  • Are you doing what you love and most importantly loving what you do?
  • Do you wake up every day energised by the thought of going to live your vocation?

Explore all your answers and see if you are on track towards living the meaning you desire. Remember that where you are right now is exactly where you need to start, so if you do not like the picture your current life is weaving on the tapestry of your future. Commit to make the few behavioural shifts or other positive changes, which you need to make to change it, for the picture you want to weave. The person who stares back at you in the mirror every morning has everything you need to make the changes you want in your life or business.

Action Idea: If you don’t have all the knowledge and skills you need, there is a book, DVD or audio book out there with exactly the knowledge or skill you need to acquire. Success leaves clues, so dare to walk in the footsteps of the great people, who have gone before you and let them lead you towards living the magnificent life you desire.  Please see the section on my “Code of Personal Achievement”. This method for focused and targeted learning will help you to develop any of your current strengths to a point, where you become the type of person you need to be to attract the success that you desire.


Examine your finances

  • Are you satisfied with the state of your finances?
  • Are you on track to create the wealth you desire?
  • Are your finances meeting your needs for security?
  • Do you have a plan to build a financial wall around your family that nothing can break?
  • Do you have a plan to take care of your financial needs to the extent that money is no longer an issue?

If you are like most people out there you have neglected your finances and are only one or two paycheques away from disaster. Again this book is here to help you, so don’t panic if your finances are less than desirable. You can use the tools offered, to help you to build a new success habit set, which will help you to improve your current habits with money and allow you to develop a new wealth creating habit set. This new financial routine, which you will develop, by using my “Code of Personal Achievement” will help you to break the mould on your current debt crisis and allow you to gradually become financially independent.


Explore your social connection with the people around you:

  • Are you surrounding yourself with the right people?
  • Are these people helping you build the future desire?
  • Are they supporting your efforts to succeed? Meaningful friendships are the best support system you could ever have.

Relationships of all shapes and forms do indeed make the world go round. The great news is that you have complete control over how good or bad your relationships turn out. With discipline and effort, you can develop deep mutually beneficial relationships that are fulfilling, exciting and rich in meaning, love and joy.

If you want to develop relationships, which will support you and help you to travel the path to fulfilment and meaning, explore the few invitations below and commit to apply the fundamentals, which I have listed below to help you develop these crucial relationships.

  • Treat people with dignity and respect
  • Always offer each person, nothing but the highest level of integrity.
  • Treat everyone exactly the same way you would want to be treated under similar circumstances
  • Always try to do the right and honourable thing.
  • Always look to be of service to those around you.
  • Stop looking for what you can get and rather look for what you can give.
  • Think win, win. Fair exchange is crucial if you want to foster real connection with people, who matter.

Zig Ziglar has been quoted as saying that

“You can achieve anything in life if you help enough other people get what they want out of life”.

When you have a heart and intention that is focused on helping others and you commit to look for ways to assist as many people, achieve their goals as is reasonable. You send a message to everyone around you that you really care and that they matter. This attitude will be reflected right back at you and you will be amazed at how many people go out of their way to assist you in return


Examine how you connect with your family:

  • Are you investing enough time into building great relationships with your family?
  • Are you spending valuable, quality time with your family?
  • Is there anything you can improve with your relationship with your immediate family?

Real joy and happiness flows from a fantastic and fulfilling relationship with those nearest and dearest to you. Time invested here will deliver the most wonderful long term benefits to your future happiness and contentment. When you develop great relationships, you create a perfect foundation for sustainable and meaningful happiness. The relationship is never the reason you feel happy, that is always an internal choice. Great, meaningful relationships do however bring an additional dimension to your joy, where you get to experience unfathomable levels of meaning and fulfilment.


Explore your spiritual journey:

  • How are you looking to evolve spiritually?
  • Are you aligned with where you want to be spiritually
  • Can you improve your spiritual connection to the universe?

Never allow yourself to be careless with your spiritual development as it is the foundation of who we really are. Invest time to study this most important area of self and create your unique spiritual essence. When you discover the path to real spirituality, you will become truly happy and content.


Examine your commitment towards maintaining an optimal level of health:

  • What are you commitments to your health?
  • Are you applying sufficient discipline to meet these commitments?
  • Are you investing enough time into maintaining your health and ensuring that you have sufficient energy to meet all your commitments to all the other areas of your life?

It is very difficult to live a life of vitality, filled with energy, power, influence and real happiness without taking care of your health. Your health is like a fine porcelain vase, drop it and it shatters. Yes you can glue it back together again, but it will never be the same beautiful vessel it once was. Take care of the vessel and it will support and transport the captain inside with vigour and vitality.

This Sales Training course will help you to Design your Power Plan for Peak Performance

Success always leaves clues. No one around you that has achieved great success has done so in a vacuum. The path they have travelled, to achieve the remarkable success they have achieved, is paved with their own personal recipe or brand for success. One of the easiest ways to invite similar levels of success into your own experience is to explore what they did and to uncover their recipe for sustainable success. This recipe can then form the foundation that you use for building your own “success blue print” or strategic plan. If you fail to plan, you are most certainly planning to fail. Not having any plans at all is a plan too; it is just a very poor plan, where you are left to the whims of everyone and everything around you. You are left travelling through your life like a rudderless boat, with no real direction or purpose at all.

Sales Achievers Always have a Plan

The one thing that stands out the most for me, about all the successful people I have admired and whose biographies I have read, is that each one of them had a plan behind their success. So even if you are unable to unlock the individual success recipe of someone you admire, to follow. Know that the path is far easier and requires far less effort, when you have a plan. It is impossible to create a plan until you know what you want to achieve with your life.

Create your Sales Plan for Success

Once you have a crystal clear picture in your mind of exactly what you want your future to be like. It is a good idea for you to create a plan for your success, one that will work well and will take you to the finish line powerfully and in style. I have written some ideas below to help you create your “Power Plan for Peak Performance”.

Build a Sales Plan that Works for you

All people are different, some people need plenty of detail in their lives and they work best with a very detailed plan, which highlights every intricate step in the process. Other people are more freewheeling and work better within a plan, which offers only an outline or framework, within which they must work.

The first question to answer is “What is the right plan for you”? The right plan is one that suites you and your style. A plan that is unique to your circumstances, one that fits you and is right for you. Each of us is unique and driven and inspired by very different things. No one knows you better than you know yourself, create a plan that suites your personality, one that considers your strengths and weaknesses.

Build an Annual Sales Plan

Explore your goals and the outcomes you are trying to achieve. Start the planning process by looking at the big picture. Divide your year into four equal segments of 90 days each. Break your goal or goals back into smaller bite size chunks or smaller projects. During each 90 day segment select a realistic number of projects to tackle and complete. The secret to success is avoiding overwhelm whilst still ensuring that you stretch yourself.

This Sales Training Program will guide you to, Break each 90 Day Segment back into a monthly plan

Now break these projects back even further into smaller achievable mini goals. These are goals that you will be able to tackle and complete within a month. Finally break these mini goals back into micro goals, which can be achieved within one week. Remember each micro goal must have a completion time during the week and must be measurable. In other words you must know when you will achieve it and be able to monitor your progress daily, until it is done. Whatever gets measured gets done.

After attending this Sales Training Program, you will Turn your Sales plan into Individual Action Steps

Your plan must then be broken back to include individual daily actions, which you can put into your daily schedule and actually take action on hourly to complete. Review your progress daily and ensure that you are applying sufficient discipline to ensure that you are completing all the actions scheduled each day and more importantly are the actions you are taking delivering the desired results. Planning is important, but unless you are ensuring that you are taking the right actions every day, they remain just words on a piece of paper. Assess your progress as often as possible to ensure that your actions are delivering the desired results. Follow a simple cycle of “Plan, Do, Review and then if necessary Improve”. Keep repeating this cycle until you achieve the results you desire.

This sales training course will guide you to Plan your Sales day the night Before

This really simple new success habit will save you an incredible amount of time every day and allow you to start your day running, with a very clear picture of what your priority activities are and when you will tackle them.

The act of planning your day the night before allows you to apply a crucial principal in your life, namely the concept of “Done for the day” After you have invested a few minutes at the end of your day, to plan exactly how you will operate the next day. You have a structure in your head, for how you will solve any challenges the next day and so you can give yourself permission to switch off from work completely and allow your batteries to start re-charging for the next day.

When you wake up in the morning, read through your plan for the day and allow yourself to get centred and grounded about everything you plan to do that day. During sleep, our minds are still very active and when you look at your plan for the morning, you may see a few tweaks, which would make your day flow even better.

This success ritual or new daily success routine, where you plan your day the night before, wake up, get straight out of bed, allowing your energy activation juices to start flowing and then you invest a few minutes to re-examine your plan for the day, sets the tone for a really successful and productive day.

Bob Proctors Secret to Sales Success

When I interviewed Bob Proctor for my TV show, he indicated that he writes his goals on a card, which he carries in his pocket all the time. He says that every time he touches the card, he feels an energy flow through his body and this inspires him to take action every day, until he realises his goal.

This Sales Training Intervention will guide you to Develop your Success Habit Set

Until you develop a success habit set or a set of daily routines, to support you on your journey towards the success you desire. You will require a copious amount of willpower to drive you to carry out all the actions you need to perform daily to achieve your goals. I have developed a system, called my “Code of Personal Achievement” to help you develop your success habit set, using the wisdom of the wonderful people, who have gone before you, as your guides.

Sales Training and Code of Personal Achievement

Action Idea: Explore your vision and goals. Discover what specific knowledge, skills or new behaviours you need to acquire, which will help you to travel the path toward the vision you have created for your future.

Identify three books, five audio books and one seminar, which you can attend during each 90 day segment. These books, audio books and the seminar must be specifically targeted, at helping you to acquire the specific knowledge or skill set you need to achieve your vision and goals.

For example: you may need to improve your time management skills. The books, audio books and seminar, will thus be targeted specifically at improving your time management skills. Your aim is to use these tools, to equip you with a new success habit set, gleaned from the wisdom of the great achievers, who have gone before you, to create the behavioural shift and new daily routines, you need to perform daily to achieve your vision.

Sales Training- How does it work?

Break your year up into four equal parts of 90 days each, during the first 90 day period, read only those three books, listen to only those 5 audio books whilst driving around in your car and attend that one targeted seminar. Make notes in the margins, highlight the books and read them cover to cover as many times as possible during those 90 days. Discover three really crucial new behaviours from each book and record these in your journal.

Listen to the 5 audio books whenever you are driving in your car. Make mental notes and when you arrive at your destination record at least one new skill or behaviour in your journal. Extract at least three new behaviours, from each audio book as well and record these in your journal. Finally attend the seminar. During the seminar discover another three new behaviours, which will serve you.

You now will have a total of 27 new behaviours to introduce into your life. As you know, if you try to introduce all 27 new behaviours into your life at one time, you will quickly lose interest, feel overwhelmed and as such, you will not introduce any new behaviours into your life.

Creating your New Success Habit set makes Sales training simple

The way to get maximum benefit from this learning cycle is to take the 27 new behaviours and reduce them down to a maximum of three new super behaviours. Remember that all the books, audio books and the seminar are all focused on only one thing, in this example, time management. So refining the 27 new behaviours into your super three should not be too difficult.

Once you have refined your new behaviours and have your super three. It is time to introduce them into your life. I refer to these three new behaviours as my “Code of Personal Achievement”. They become the unbreakable commitment I make with myself every day. I do not allow my head to hit the pillow at night until I have used my willpower to carry out these three new success behaviours every day.

Turning your new Behaviours into Habits and make this sales training effective

I continue with this practice for the next 90 days. Research has shown that any repeated behaviour, becomes an entrenched habit after about 66 days. So after 90 days, it is absolutely certain that these new super behaviours will be an integral part of your success habit set. You will have replaced three dream killing bad habits, with three new super success habits.

During the 90 days whilst you are introducing those three new super success behaviours into your life. You will have chosen a second area to improve. For example, your leadership skills may need improving. You will once again find 3 books, five audio books and one seminar on leadership and for the next 90 days, whilst you are introducing your new success habit on time management into your life, you will be uncovering the new behaviours, to help you improve your leadership ability. This is a very simple, but extremely effective way, of actually taking the knowledge you acquire and turning it into the power you deserve.

Sales Training -Making this work for you

To ensure that this works for you and to help you to introduce these new behaviours into your life, and gradually turn them into new habits, you must have a clear plan of action and a method to remind you to carry out the new behaviour every day. It is also crucial that you are very clear about why you are developing the new success habit. Spell out the reason why you want to develop the new success habit, so that you will be inspired to carry out the new behaviour, even when the going gets tough and you really don’t feel like it.

The way to make this work for you, so that you can successfully introduce three new success habits into your life, every quarter, starts with you developing a unique method, which suites you and your unique set of circumstances.

Use the questions listed below to help you to develop and ingrain the new success habits you need:

  • What will you use to remind yourself to perform the three new behaviours each day?
  • What will inspire you to carry out the three new behaviours each day?

Some of the ideas, which I have used with great success to help me develop my new success habit set, are listed below.

  • I write the three new behaviours down on a card, which I carry with me all day.
  • I Read the card a number of times throughout the day, to remind me to carry out the new behaviours.
  • I wake up every day and visualise how my life and business will improve once I have entrenched these new success habits into my life.
  • I ask someone to be my accountability partner. We support each other and follow up daily to ensure that we are performing the new behaviours.

The New sales  Behaviour is Non Negotiable

When you are developing your new success habit, do not tempt yourself to act in any other way by making the new habit optional. For example: if your new habit is to go to bed at a specific time. Even if you are not tired, go to bed. Relax and try to switch off. Never ever compromise your new habit in any way. It will never become entrenched, unless you are consistent and disciplined.

Four New Sales Habits a Year

The four new habits, which you are going to develop each year, may seem like nothing at first, but over time, you will begin to see remarkable improvements, in your results, as you develop more and more success habits. Developing new success habits is a long term commitment, but one that is worth every ounce of effort required to develop them.

Adding Hours to your Sales Day

I am sure that you feel like almost everyone I speak to and you feel like you just don’t have enough time to invest into your education and growth. You feel like you are giving your all to your work every day and when you get home at night, you just don’t have any energy left to devote to reading or studying. I want to share a few really effective ideas; I use every day to add hours of study to my life, without changing much at all.

Action Idea: When you wake up in the morning, don’t push the snooze button to get another nine minutes of sleep every day. Try to wake up immediately and get straight out of bed. I call waking up and getting straight out of bed, my daily “activation energy charge”. It sets the tone for my day and programs my brain to be energised and able to tackle any difficult or challenging tasks, throughout the day. The drive it takes to get straight out of bed in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, you feel energised and able to tackle any task, no matter how daunting, when you allow yourself to get that boost of daily activation energy first thing in the morning.

If you utilise the extra nine minutes as soon as you wake up every morning, to read a few pages of an educational or transformational book. You will be able to read about five pages a day. This doesn’t sound like much at all, but after 365 days, you will have read 1825 pages. The average good educational or transformational book is about 225 pages. That means that by devoting a measly nine minutes a day to reading, you are able to read about 8 books a year. Imagine how you can change your life, by reading those extra eight books a year. You attract success by the person you become. So as you read more, you learn more and finally you will earn far more.

Listen to inspirational, Transformational or Educational sales CD’s every Time you drive in your car

Instead of wasting around 500 hours a year every time you drive in your car, listening to the radio, or day dreaming, rather listen to informative cd’s, which will either uplift and energise or educate you. The 500 hour you spend in your vehicle each year is equivalent to two semesters at university. How are you going to use your mobile university from now on to improve your life? Time is your most valuable possession, invest yours wisely.

Wake up Early and you will double your sales

I have found that there is no better technique for improving productivity, like waking up as early as possible and getting your day started with a bang. As soon as I wake up and I have centred myself and I am absolutely clear about how my day will progress. I drink a huge glass of water to help my body deal with the dehydration, due to the long period since my last drink of water. This water helps me to cleanse my system, re-hydrate and energise my body. Dehydration is one of the greatest causes of loss of energy.

Action Idea: Some people suggest that you engage in some sort of physical activity before you start your day, to get your blood flowing. Try both options, one where you exercise to get your day going and the other where you start your day without exercise. Your unique circumstances will dictate which one will work best for you. I have found that the early morning, is free from distractions and as such I get so much more done during the early hours of the day. I do not use any of this time for exercise.

I find I get the most value out of the early morning hours, if I tackle my toughest challenge for the day and get it done and dusted. There are no distractions in the early morning, so I can focus my entire energy on getting the tough stuff done first. The feeling of accomplishment, which flows from getting the tough stuff out of the way early in the day also helps, set the tone for a fantastic day.

It was Abraham Lincoln that first coined the phrase:

Early to bed, early to rise keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

No wiser words have ever been spoken about creating a life of success and meaning.

After getting the tough stuff out of the way, I then invest 20 minutes to meditate. This allows me to really settle my mind for the day and start the day with a clear mind, which is not cluttered by distraction. Meditation is unique to each individual, so how you do this every day is up to you. I lie in a comfortable position, listen to various relaxing mediation CD,s, breathe deeply and relax and clear my mind. After completing this daily ritual I explore my goals and see how I am progressing. This daily focus and clarity around what I want to achieve, helps me to stay on track and ensures that I am taking appropriate action every day to realise my goals.

This sales training course will allow you to Meet your Future Every Day

Create time slots in your daily schedule that are devoted specifically, to work on the individual goal specific tasks highlighted in your plan. I call these time slots in my daily schedule “Meetings With My Future”. Show commitment and perseverance every day and make sure that you meet your commitments to your future. Develop discipline and make completing those daily tasks your top priority. As you repeat this positive cycle over time you will move closer and closer to the future you desire and any dream becomes achievable.

After attending this sales training intervention you will Review your Day

It is always good practice to set time aside at the end of your day to reflect on how you did. Are you meeting your commitments to create the future you desire? This is an opportunity for you to go over everything you have done that day. Are the actions you are taking delivering the desired outcome? If not ask yourself what you can do differently the next day to get a better outcome.

What did you learn during this sales training course?

It is also an opportunity for you to re-examine everything you have learnt that day and lock all the valuable information away for use at a later date. Look back over your day and examine all the people you saw, who you talked to, what was said, what happened and how you felt. Each day is like a mosaic in the big picture of your life, carefully store each one, so that you can use it to create a wonderful picture of your past. This allows you to gain the maximum benefit from your past experiences and makes your past experiences even more valuable, so they can serve you in the future.

Willpower as a sales training tool

Your willpower is an integral part of your character. Explore your willpower. How strong is it, when it comes to making those simple, yet crucial small decisions every day? Those times when you must choose between entertainment or education, or where you must choose between doing the tasks you need to carry out to achieve your goals or slouching in front of the TV. The choices you make every second are moulding the way your future will unfold and the character you get to develop. Are you satisfied with choices you are making? “Get off your Ass” and accept that creating the future you desire is easy to do, as long as you commit to take those small insignificant actions daily. The only challenge you face is that, they are also easy not to do.

Nourish and Feed your Character and become a sales training super star

Diligently nurture the right qualities within yourself and feed your character a dose of positivity and discipline on a regular basis. Keep chiselling away every day and work to progressively improve and sculpture your character until it fits your needs and is shaped exactly the way you want it.

Sales Training will ask you to Keep Stretching Yourself

As you set and achieve goals, always stretch yourself, by setting more and more ambitious ones. Never allow yourself to lose your way and think you have reached your destination. Don’t lose your hunger, desire or your need to keep growing, innovating and expanding. It is extremely unlikely that you will ever exceed your own expectations. So dare to dream big, set big hairy audacious goals and as you get close to crossing the line and achieving any goal you have set, keep moving the goals posts and becoming more.

Choose to be a Winner and you can become a sales super star

There are really only two choices, you can make about the attitude you choose to project to the world. Both of which will make a significant difference to the way your future will turn out. You either choose to be a “winner” where you choose activity over leisure or you choose to be a “whiner”, where you choose complaining over focus. “Winners” are positive, believe in their potential and are always in an empowered state eager for success. “Whiners” are negative, always looking for someone else to blame, lack self-confidence and are completely dis-empowered. What attitude do you choose?

Becoming a Winner and a sales giant

You become a “Winner” by choosing to nurture positive qualities within yourself. Think of the analogy of gathering fire wood to build a huge bonfire. When building a bonfire, you need to search diligently for the right wood and then light a flame under the kindling, until the wood catches fire and burns properly.

The same is true for building the character and attitude of a “winner”. You must diligently search every day for the fuel to feed your character and attitude. Once you have gathered enough fuel, you must ignite the flame of your passion under the fuel and commit to keep searching for and adding great fuel to the fire of your potential, so that you ensure that you sustain your success.

Real winners never cross the line, they Keep Moving the Goal Posts and turn into sales superstars

Whenever I watch the athletes being interviewed, before the Olympic Games I can quickly tell who the winners and who the participants will be. The most reliable way of doing this is by simply listening, to their answers, during sports interviews. Those that say “I am just glad to be here” are not going to be wearing the champion’s rings, when the games are over. They have achieved their goals before the games even started.

As you move through the different phases in your life and you get to achieve your goals. You have to continually set more, new and ambitious ones, which will constantly stretch and challenge you. Real great, long term, sustainable success is the result of not only setting and achieving big goals, but is about constantly getting and creating new goals along the way. Super achievement is not about “goal setting”, it is the result of a constant hunger, for consistent growth, in other words, you must be a new goal getter.

This sales training intervention will ask you to never become Complacent

There are so many companies, which were really amazing blue-chip companies at one time, but have faded into just memories today. Companies like Studebaker, W.T Grant and Triumph Motor cycles. These companies had a goal of reaching the top, which they did, but they allowed themselves to falter, because, they never moved the goal posts and expanded their game.

I am sure that you have seen it happen to people around you. The sales guru, who topped the charts for years and then overnight, everything just falls apart and they tumble off the no. one slot, all the way to the bottom. Tiger Woods is a perfect example of this. Yes there was infidelity and too many women involved in his life to count, but the real reason he fell from the number one slot and is finding it difficult to get back on top, has nothing to do with infidelity. It has everything to do with reaching the pinnacle of success and then not moving the goal posts.

What are you Going to do About it after you have attended this Sales Training course?

You now have the benefit of awareness and all that is now required for you to create the meaningful life you have always dreamed about, is a vision for the future and the willpower to develop a success habit set, to support you to take the daily action you need to achieve it. “Get Off Your Ass” you have nothing to lose, except the average life you have accepted until now.

Now is the time to begin to refine your philosophy and work to gain the disciplines that you know are necessary, to use your life more effectively. There really are only two possible outcomes in your future and the level of each, which you will encounter, is based 100 % on the choices you make or fail to make today. Take your new found awareness and turn it into an action plan for success. Start right now and examine your current actions, are they contributing to your future success? If they are keep doing them and if they are damaging your health or destroying your potential eliminate them from your life immediately.

Choose to Change and become the best sales professional possible

Trade the bad habits, which are not serving you in on a new success habit set, which will contribute to your future, by using my “Code of Personal Achievement”. This will help you to bring the wisdom of the great achievers, who have gone before you and turn it into your new success habit set. It is time and this is the resource to guide you to develop your new Success Habit Set, which will finally equip you to deliver on all the promises you have made to yourself.

As you learn all the lessons offered in this book, “Get Off Your Ass” and apply them in your life, but be certain that you allow the powerful beacon of light, which is your unique brilliance to shine from within you. It is this very uniqueness and authenticity that makes you truly memorable, sought after and a real asset to all you touch.

As a GOYArite you definitely want to Discover and Invite Meaning and Fulfilment into your World and become a sales star?

This sales training course will show you that the true expression of your life and the measure of the level of success you have achieved is never the car you drive, the house you live in or your bank balance, but rather how fulfilled, content and happy you are. So if you want to be content and fulfilled, it is time to stop pursuing material wealth and to rather invite meaning into your experience. The material trappings in life are always a by-product of the level of contentment, meaning and fulfilment you get to experience. You can never reverse this, where you will bring happiness and contentment into your world with material things.

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