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You can win any race

I am sure you that you all remember the story of the tortoise and the hare, from when you were at kinder garden. The tortoise symbolises the benefit of consistent and focused effort carried out at a steady pace over time and how this will always be more effective than the fast paced, erratic and unfocused effort put forward by the hare. I agree whole heartedly with the fact that consistency and daily focused effort will win the day every time. The compounding of small efforts over time most certainly adds up into incredible results.

Now open your mind a little and imagine a rematch between the tortoise and the hare, where the hare has learned his lesson. Instead of tearing off unprepared and unfocused, running blindly into their day, this time the hare plans his day the night before, is focused and consistent, persistent, relentless and “Fast”. This time the hare will win the race hands down. The tortoise will stand no chance at all.

The moral of the story here is that of course focus and consistency, when applied daily in a slow and steady fashion, will be effective and will deliver results. Imagine, if it were possible to apply the same level of focus and consistency, but this time you added a dose of speed and talent.

The “Talent” I am referring to here is not necessarily the talent you have right now, but rather the skills, knowledge and experience you can acquire, due to your commitment to on-going growth and learning. The “Speed” I am referring to here is an unwavering and complete commitment towards task completion, where you ensure that you have uninterrupted time slots in your day available, to complete the goal specific tasks you need to complete daily, in order to achieve the results you want.

Can the tortoise ever win the race again?                          

Imagine the two decide to race once again. This time the tortoise chooses the route, ensuring that there are a number of deep river crossings on the way. The tortoise knows his strengths as a very competent swimmer, whereas the hare is unable to swim very well at all. This time by ensuring that he uses his core competencies, the tortoise manages to easily win the race.

The moral of the story here is obvious, when you are trying to achieve your goals, know your weaknesses and focus your energy towards applying your strengths, to help you achieve your goals.

Is there a better way for them to “Both” win the race?

Well how about if both the rabbit and the hare agree to work together, using their different core strengths to complete the race as fast and effectively as possible. This time the hare carries the tortoise as fast as possible to each river crossing, where the tortoise, then carries the hare across each river, helping and supporting each other all the way. They will obviously finish the race far quicker, than would be possible had they raced on their own. They also get to enjoy the added benefit of mutual support and satisfaction.

The moral of the story here is that, when people work together and form teams of people, who support each other, everything improves. The tasks get completed far easier and everyone is more satisfied and content.

Moral of the Story

Of course you need to be focused, persistent and consistent carrying out all the daily activities, which you need to complete to succeed. You can improve the results you will enjoy even further, if you improve your talent, by acquiring new skills, knowledge and experience to support your efforts. This can then further be supported if you remain focused and committed to complete each task, during scheduled time slots each day. Finally the cherry on top comes by focusing your efforts on your core strengths and is enhanced even further when you get other people with strengths, in the areas where you have weaknesses’ to support you. If you can follow this simple formula for success and learn the lessons the tortoise and the hare have learned you will become unstoppable.

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