Antidote for Rejection?

sales training rejectedProperly Qualify your Prospects

The first and most obvious method for avoiding rejection, is to ensure that you properly qualify your prospects before approaching them. If you know the value both you and your product or service offer and you discover, who in your market needs exactly that, then it is far less likely that your prospects will reject your offer.

Completely understand your prospects needs

When you approach the right decision maker, at the right organisation, who needs exactly what you sell and they say NO. Then they are not rejecting you. It means that you have either not completely understood their needs and expectations or you have not managed to communicate your value to them in terms they understand.

Believe in the Value you Offer

Believe in what you sell to such a degree that you know your prospect will be far better off after purchasing what you have to sell. When you operate from a position of absolute belief in the value your product or service offers and a prospect refuses your offer. You do not feel rejected, instead you feel concerned that your prospect is worse off, because they did not buy from you.

How do you handle Rejection?

When you have done your homework and you are properly prepared, you are far less likely to experience rejection, but as you know not every prospect will buy form you. There are still numerous times that prospects will not want what you have to sell. I want to offer you a few tips that I use to help me stay driven, inspired and committed after a customer refuses my offer.

Rejection Feels Bad

We all know that, rejection feels bad and unless you have a powerful reason why you need to succeed, you may become despondent, when you get rejected. I have never met anyone, who feels great after been rejected, either by someone in a romantic setting or in a sales situation at work. OK so we know that rejection feels bad, yet as sales professionals we also know that managing how we respond to it, is such an integral part of achieving sales success.

Overcome your FEAR of Rejection

To excel in sales, every sales professional needs to overcome their fear of being rejected. This is crucial, as success in sales, depends to a large degree on the sales professional’s ability to accept or mitigate rejection. Yet at the same time, they need to continue to be positive, inspired and passionate, throughout their day? I believe that the better equipped you are to mitigate or eliminate your fear of rejection, the better the results, you will be able to achieve as a sales professional.

Antidote for Rejection

Action Idea: The first step towards managing or mitigating the way you feel when you experience rejection, starts with accepting that feeling bad, is a natural response, when anyone rejects you. I believe that this is the first step towards overcoming your fear of rejection, as it prepares you to challenge the way you feel and empowers you to start the process of changing your belief around rejection.

Remember that if you want things to change, all that you need to do is change the way you look at those things.

The first change I would ask you to make, when it comes to rejection, is that you accept the notion that rejection does not exist at all. Wow that sounds like a really outrageous statement right.

Wrong: Try to re-frame the way you view rejection and instead think about it this way. Before you ask for an order you don’t have the order. If you ask and your prospect says no, you still don’t have the order. Nothing has changed. Things only change when the prospect says YES! Let me give you another example to try to better explain this concept.

Example: Before you ask a beautiful girl out on a date, you do not have a date with her. If you ask her out on a date and she says no, you still do not have a date. So nothing has changed. If you however ask her out and she accepts. Only then has anything changed. So as nothing changes when someone says NO! There really is no such thing as rejection. There is only “ACCEPTANCE”, because only when people accept your offer does anything actually change.

Have Alternatives

If accepting that rejection does not exist at all, is a bit of stretch for you, then you can try the next technique I use, to allow me to overcome my fear of rejection. I always make sure that I am well prepared and I have a number of other alternatives in my sales funnel. It is far easier to manage my response to any possible rejection, when I have so many great alternatives available in my sales funnel. So if for whatever reason I am rejected and I am unable to close a single sale, it does not appear to be such a huge issue at all.

Example: I am sure that you have observed real players in action in a bar or night club. They seem to handle rejection in their stride. The reason they can be so casual about rejection, is that, before they start on their crusade, they have identified a number of possible candidates to approach and so when the first lady says no to them, they are very quick move onto the next alternative. These players, simple say “NEXT” and move onto the next most suitable alternative.


Imagine how your sales would improve, if you could feel the same after being rejected by a prospect, where instead of feeling like your world came crashing down, you stayed motivated, inspired, passionate and driven to move onto the next prospect. The easiest way to mitigate the way you feel about being rejected, is to have a plan B or C or even more plans available. When you put all your eggs in one basket, being rejected seems overwhelming and it will be difficult to stay inspired and driven after the encounter.

Contingency Plans

I have heard about poor sales people, who virtually burn their boat on the shore and focus all their attention on one or only a few prospects at a time. I am a great believer in prioritisation and focus, as both are crucial success tools. I am however not naïve enough to put all my eggs in one basket, when it comes to building my sales funnel.

Never be over confident about closing any sale. Yes of course you must believe in what you sell and the value it offers, but always be prepared to walk away from any sale at any time. This puts you in a far more powerful position to negotiate a fair deal for yourself. When anyone has you up against the wall, you are in a very weak position and as such you can never negotiate a win – win deal.

Getting my book Published

I have written a new book and am very keen to get it published by one of the traditional publishing houses. I have so far been rejected by a number of them. Frustrating, of course! Upset, maybe! But you know what keeps me going. I have a list of over 20 publishers, which I have approached, so each rejection is simply a “Not now, thank you”, so all I say is “NEXT” It really is an empowering feeling to know that I have other alternatives available.

My Final Secret

The final trick in my sales training course and my rejection toolkit is “GRATITUDE” I stay focused on all the wonderful things, which I have to be grateful for in my life. This helps me to remain focused, inspired and driven, despite any negative feelings, which may well up inside me, should I be rejected by anyone.

So now that you know my success antidote for rejection, how are you going to change things in your sales environment to make rejection, less intimidating?

  • What are you going to do differently the next time you face rejection?
  • How are you going to create a few alternatives to support your business?
  • What contingency plans are you going to put in place?
  • What are you grateful for and how can you use this to help you mitigate rejection?
  • The more choices you have, the greater will be your freedom to choose how you want to create meaning and happiness in your life

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