Sales Training – Would You Buy what you Sell with Absolute Confidence?

Sales Training

Would You Buy what you Sell with Absolute Confidence?

If you are in sales and you have been struggling to meet your sales targets for the past few years. Ask yourself the simple question “How committed am I to what I am selling, would I buy it myself” In fact a better question would be “Do I believe in what I sell so much that I Have actually bought one myself” I know it is not always practical for the person selling something to have purchased one themselves as this is not always possible. The main question is, do you really believe in what you have to sell to such a degree that you would invest in one yourself?

People will see right through you if you attempt to sell something to them and you do not believe in it 150 % yourself. It is your complete belief in your product or service, which will help people to make the buying decision in the end. I was recently looking for some investment properties in the residential sector and so I approached a number of estate agents to get their advice and input. It astounded me to see how few of them actually had investment properties themselves.

How Passionate are you about what you Sell?
They were trying to convince me to part with my investment money, to buy something they did not believe in sufficiently enough to have invested in it themselves. One of the guys I spoke to even described in great detail, how he had an extensive share portfolio and how well he was doing on the stock market. As you can imagine I very quickly chose not to entrust my property investment money to someone like that.

There was one estate agent who really stood out for me, she was incredible. She took me to developments where she had bought similar properties herself and spoke with passion and conviction about her investments and how I could expect similar returns to what she was enjoying. She told me about acquiring tenements for the properties, from her own experience and advised me on the best managing agents around, to help me manage my property portfolio. This lady was not only believable and trustworthy, but I felt very confident to take her advice.

If someone does not Buy – Does it Feel like they have done themselves a disservice?
Your belief in and your commitment towards your product or service must be so strong in fact, that you feel that your customer or client will be doing themselves a disservice, if they do not buy what you have to sell. When you feel this passionate and you have such a deep rooted belief in your product or service, your prospect will identify with you and you will become very believable and trustworthy. As you know people use their emotions to buy from people they know, like and trust. How much more trustworthy and believable can someone be, than someone who actually uses the product or service they sell themselves or someone who believes so emphatically in their product or service that they authentically feel that their customer will be doing themselves a disservice by not buying it.

Would you buy it for that price?
When you believe in what you have to sell, the next stumbling block towards making sales is your belief in the price you are charging for your product or service. If you feel that the price you are charging is too high, your client will immediately see right through you, as you will show a lack belief and complete commitment towards your product or service. When you believe in your product or service 150 % and you believe that the price you are charging is right, your prospects and clients will buy from you with confidence. They will feel that your value proposition is exactly what they need and they will become loyal fans and long term customers.


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