Sales Training to show you that You have the Freedom to choose

sales trainingAfter attending this sales training course you will have the freedom to have choices and the freedom to decide what you want to do is something, everyone holds dear. Humans have even fought wars over the right to enjoy freedom in their lives for centuries now. Having the freedom to choose is a fundamental human right. Expressing this right does however come with a few challenges. Yes of course you have the freedom to choose how you will live your life. The challenge is that too many people make poor choices and they choose leisure over labour, entertainment over industry and ignorance over education.

Each of the choices you make, whether positive or negative, will take your life in one direction or another. The question is, will the choices you make support you to be happy and bring the meaning and fulfilment, into your life or will they leave you filled with unhappiness and regret?

Choices have consequences

In the short term, choosing leisure over labour, will bring great pleasure in the moment, but will leave you living a future, which you will probably not enjoy. One filled with no meaning and regret. On the other hand, choosing to carry out goal specific activities every day, may cause discomfort in the moment, but will deliver an incredible future, with no regret. Choosing to carry out the goal specific activities, you need to create the life of your dreams, may cause you to experience small discomfort in the moment, which weighs ounces. Whereas the regret you will feel for what could have been, weighs tons and will cause you huge pain in the future. Make the wiser choice and choose goal specific activity over laziness and you will begin to mould the way your future will turn out, moment by positive moment.

Sales Training to show you that Success is easy to achieve

Of course carrying out your goal specific activities is easy to do, every day. The challenge you face though, is that they are also easy not to do. Yes of course it is easy to set goals, which can change your life, but it is also easy to remain trapped in a cycle of laziness, where you spin your wheels every day, going nowhere. Waking up in the morning and reading a book for 30 minutes is easy to do, but then so is pressing the snooze button and going back to sleep. One choice will educate you and allow you to grow into the person you need to become to attract the success you desire. The other will keep you trapped in average, living a life with little or no meaning at all. Which choice do you think you should make?

Can you make Success Simple?

Note I said can you make success simple, I never said you can make it easy. The daily activity required to become successful is simple to do. The difficulty comes from the various choices you need to make. The challenge is that you need to sacrifice pleasure in the moment, for results in the future. As we are pleasure seeking and pain avoiding, you will naturally tend towards pleasure in the moment, rather than delaying the gratification for later. So yes success is simple, it is however not easy, as you will need to fight your natural tendency to want small pleasure right now, so that you can enjoy far greater pleasure and satisfaction in the future.

What is Keeping you Trapped?

It is not a lack of money, opportunity, books or access to great teachers, which is keeping you trapped in average. I am certain that if you have enough determination and passion, everything you need to become anything you want is within your reach. My research over the past five years has shown that the only reason people do not take advantage of all the abundance around them is due to laziness and neglect. They have access to everything they need and instead of choosing to utilise the abundance, through the application of their labour, they choose to allow the abundance, which abounds, to just flow past them.

Neglect is really dangerous

This sales training course will show you that, if you allow neglect to enter your life, it will spread like a virus throughout, every facet of your life. If left unchecked, it will infect all your tools for success, namely your disciplines, drive, and passion, infecting you with zero ambition. Neglect, which slowly creeps into your life, is like a thief in the night. It will eventually lead to the complete destruction of a potentially prosperous life. You will gradually see your self-worth and self-confidence erode. This in turn will further drive you towards even less activity. The reduced levels of activity, especially goal specific activity, will cause poorer and poorer results and you will be left, living a meaningless life of overwhelm and stress.
Action Idea: Choose to sacrifice pleasure in the moment. Take goal specific action daily. Do the things, which are easy to do daily, but require a little sacrifice in the moment, and watch your life, unfold into the wonderful future you have dreamed about.

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