Do you suffer from Competence Delusion?

sales training competenceIt is truly astounding to see how many people leave school or university, never to touch a book to attempt to learn anything new, ever again. It is time to rid yourself of competence delusion and to become aware of the challenges, which are potentially affecting your knowledge, skill and abilities. The first challenge you face, once you commit to life-long learning and growth, is to not become overwhelmed by the endless data and the variety of training courses available. To get started, you need to take a look at your vision for the future and decide what skills, knowledge and new abilities will support you to achieve it.

Action Idea: Invest some time today, to identify the skills, knowledge and abilities you need to acquire in the next 12 months, 3 years, 5 years and then create a plan around how you intend to acquire those skills, within those time frames.

There is just not enough time Available

The second challenge you face is that nagging feeling that you are just too busy to make the time necessary to allocate any time to your personal growth. My experience has shown me that it is never a shortage of time most people experience. It is simply a lack of commitment. All the people I have met, who have continued to expand their competencies, seem to have plenty of time available. They are the ones, who despite a seemingly huge workloads, just seem to get so much more done.

These achievers have an abundant mindset and they have developed a supporting mindset around how to use their available time more efficiently and effectively. The effective person does the right things and the efficient does those things right. As you invest more time into your personal development, you too will become more efficient, efficient and successful. Have you noticed how successful people seem to have time to do more? They seem to live in an uncluttered world, where they appear to make fewer mistakes. Well that successful person could be you. They seem more effective and efficient, because their competence makes them so. Their competence comes from their commitment towards their personal growth. What is your commitment to your personal growth?

Action Idea: Invest time today to schedule time to invest into your personal development every day. I recommend a minimum of one hour a day, more if possible. This investment will deliver greater returns than any other investment you will ever make.

Making time to grow

So you push the snooze button every day and get that extra ten minutes of sleep. Imagine that instead of pushing the snooze button, you woke up and read an educational book instead. That means that you could read about five pages a day, 1825 pages a year, which equates to about 8 – 9 educational books a year.

How about driving around in your car, do you waste all that time listening to the radio? Well it is estimated that the average person spends about 500 hours a year commuting in their car. That equates to two semesters at university. Imagine, if you used that time to listen to educational audio books. Do you think two semesters at university every year could change the trajectory of your life? Do you still think you do not have enough time to invest into your personal growth?

It is now your time to start drinking from the fountain of wisdom. Stop stumbling through life, only occasionally gargling at the fountain, learning little and continuing to remain trapped in average. Now is your time to shine. All it requires is a new success habit. One focused on you and your personal growth and the way your future will turn out is very bright indeed.



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