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sales trainingWhen I offer Sales Training courses, one of the greatest tragedies I see in businesses every day is sales people who invest a whole lot of energy into generating leads for their businesses, but then not acting correctly to convert those leads into customers. The only successful way to act on any leads you receive is in a logical, methodical, repeatable fashion. That way you ensure that you are able to convert a far higher percentage of your clients into long term satisfied customers.

Have you got a logical, systemised Approach for handling Leads?

It astounds me to see the leads in the form of business cards gathered at networking events, or names gathered at sporting events, are just randomly handled, without any real methodical or logical repeatable system. I see sales people all over the world, who have a stack of business cards on their desks or names scattered everywhere, with no definitive way of managing them and converting them into customers.
What type of data base or system do you have to store all your leads, so that you can invest the time to start to mine them?

Unless you have a system to follow-up with any leads, which cross your desk within a few days of receiving them. Those leads are effectively just getting colder by the day. If you or your organisation is guilty of this, then now is the time to escape the trap and to start correcting this. It is time to develop an effective, methodical, logical and repeatable system, which will help you very quickly convert all leads, while they are still hot, into customers.

Where do you start?

I am a great believer in the adage of “whatever gets measured gets done”. So if you want to make a few improvements in the area of lead conversion and I know you do. Then start by measuring your current conversion ratio, success rate. If you have no clue what a conversion rate even is or you have never measured yours, then by measuring and discovering what yours is. Is already a move in the right direction.

Sales Training to support you to  Calculate your Conversion Ratio

Your conversion ratio is simply calculated by taking the number of leads you receive each month and calculating how many of those you convert into customers. If you get 10 leads and you convert 5 of those into customers, your conversion ratio is 5 out of 10. The only way you can measure this though is if you have a record of the number of leads you received and how many of these you converted. The mere fact that you record all your leads and how many you convert is already a move in the right direction. The mere fact of recording and measuring helps you to uncover new ideas and ways of converting more customers.

Making your Conversion Rate even Better

Now that you are measuring your conversion ratio, add a more specific approach for handling all the leads you receive and you will see things improve any further. The most wonderful benefit of improving your conversion ratio is that you get to grow your business, without spending a cent more. All the money has already been spent on sponsorships at sports clubs or attending networking events etc. The secret to make this work for you and to get the most from all the leads you receive is to define the specific repeatable sales steps, which will convert as many leads as possible into customers.

Getting Started

Remember that your business and even your specific circumstances are all different.  This sales training course will show you to invest some time to sit and think carefully about the specific, repeatable steps you can follow to get each and every lead to familiarise themselves with your business and the benefits you and your business offer. Look at your specific selling process and decide how familiar they need to become with your business. If you are selling investment products for example, you are asking people to part with their hard earned nest eggs, so you need to be very specific and you need to get the lead to familiarise themselves with your business. The more complicated the product or service you sell, the more steps will be involved in your selling process.

Discover the Recipe, which works

Once you have uncovered a process, or a recipe, which works and you have the steps written down. IT is time to get everyone in the organisation, to follow the same procedure or process. A great recipe, which works, must be systemised and taught to everyone, who works in that role. Sit for a moment and reflect on how you can ensure that the people within your organisation, all work to use the winning formula, for converting more leads, every day. You can never test and measure approaches to see, which work best, if you do not have a measure or standard to start with in the first place.

I am certain that there are people in your organisation, who are better at certain things. Some are great farmers and can easily build relationships with customers; others are just natural at prospecting, whilst others just seem to have the knack for closing sales. Can you imagine, how successful your business will become, if you could systematise each approach, can their recipe for success and support everyone or as many people in similar roles to use that system or recipe?

On-going Development

Once you have established a system for handling leads and converting them into customers. After attending this sales training course, you will understand why it is crucial that you keep testing and measuring, to see if the system is working and if there are any improvements, which can be made. The way to build the best system for handling leads is to continually make incremental improvements until you get the best results from your team. The entire team needs to buy into this process and they need to be accountable for finding ways to make things as perfect as possible. As you keep polishing this system, you are effectively creating the perfect recipe for success, or for converting the maximum number of leads into long term customers.

Building your Process

As you continue to build your process for converting leads into customers, constantly be on the look-out for that place in every sales process, where the prospect indicates that they are ready to buy, listen or invest with your organisation. Once you can identify that physical something and communicate this to your team, you have uncovered the perfect conversion process. I call this “Step on the boat moment

I have a very successful client who sells time on his 100 man catamaran. He does corporate events, private parties, weddings etc. His moment for converting leads into customers is achieved, the moment he gets people to set foot on his boat. People are so impressed with the boat; almost everyone signs a contract and holds an event on his boat. Look around your business. Once you can discover your “Step on the boat moment”, you will exponentially increase your conversion ratio.

This sales training course will show you that The road towards developing a perfect system is tough, but well worth the effort. When you build a repeatable process for converting as many leads as possible, into customers, your business success will become a certainty.

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