Sales Training Courses

SETA Accredited Sales Training

At Encore Group we offer SETA accredited sales training programs, which you can trust to deliver every time. Our sales training Solutions teach your sales team how to make a few crucial behavioural shifts, to the way they carry out their daily sales activities, so that they can optimise their sales output and results. Our objective when we work with any organisation is to inspire them to greatness, helping them to significantly improve how they utilise their available time.

We Teach Behaviours, which become Routines and finally their Sales Success Habit Set

  • Our approach to teaching your sales team the requisite sales skills, they need, focuses on guiding them to turn each new sales skill, tool or technique, into a new behaviour, which will support them to become more successful.
  • They are then supported to turn these behaviours, into their daily routines.
  • We then support them with reminders in the form of SMS and email messages to continue performing these routines, until they become their entrenched sales success habits.

Performing the Right Daily Sales Activities

  • We understand that sales effectiveness is really about self-management, relationship building and developing an effective daily sales behaviour set.
  • We teach a simple, yet very effective sales training solution, where your sales team will be guided to first identify the right activities, which they need to take, daily, to achieve their sales targets.
  • Once they have clarity around the exact sales activities they need to perform daily, and they have created an effective set of behaviours to allow them to effortlessly facilitate this.
  • They will over time improve their ability to carry out all the requisite sales activities daily as if on autopilot.

This simple but very effective approach towards supporting your sales team to optimise their sales performance and results, will allow them to get the most from their sales day, close more sales and consistently achieve their sales targets

Building an Effective Sales Network

Our Sales Training process will guide yoursales team to move away from old school hard selling and move towards relationship building as a powerful sales tool. We understand the vital role played by your sales network and as such will support your team to nurture and build an effective sales network.

Understand your Value Proposition

Yoursales team will be guided to understand their value proposition, how this can serve their markets and be shown how to use this information to properly identify and qualify their ideal prospects.

Optimise their ability to be organised and Systematic

We specialize in teaching your sales team, how to leverage the maximum amount of effective sales activity, from their available time. All our sales training tools and techniques will allow you to bring increased personal and organizational productivity into your teams.


We understand that remaining focused and driven to succeed is a crucial skill, necessary to succeed at sales. To support your sales team to achieve the improved sales performance and results they require, we have a number of support tools, such as positive affirmation CDs daily inspirational messages etc.

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