Sales Training to guide you to let your Dream begin Today?

sales training courses visionAs one of the top Sales Training experts in South Africa. I ask you whether you have you invested sufficient time to be alone with your thoughts, to discover what your life will be like, after you have achieved your most coveted dream? The picture I am referring to here is that picture of possibility you need to create about exactly what you want in your future. Or said differently, your “VISION” for how you would like your life to turn out. Your vision is the guiding light or beacon in the future, which will guide the setting of your goals, the size and scope of your daily actions or lack thereof and represent the prize in the future, which will help to keep you inspired to take the difficult action you must take daily.

Sales Training to Get you Started

You can start moving in the direction of living your dreams this very moment. Start the process by answering the few questions below:

  • What is your greatest dream you would love to live? Be adventurous here, do not restrict your dreams in any way, no matter how ridiculous they may seem.
  • Now allow yourself to get really specific about your dream. Allow your mind to wander and write down as much detail as you can see.
    How clear is the picture you have in your mind? What do you see yourself doing, experiencing, smelling, seeing and hearing? How do you feel, what do you have and who are you?
  • Not matter how unrealistic your vision or the picture of possibility may be. If you could take just one action today to move you towards that picture of possibility. What would that one action be?
  • What obstacles may be standing in the way of you taking that first action? Is that thing standing in your way, no one other than you? Is there really an obstacle in your way at all?
  • Yes of course you feel fear, about the unknown. Are you allowing that fear to paralyse you into inactivity or are you using it to spur you on to greatness? Winners feel the fear and do it anyway; losers allow fear to hold them back, which one are you?


You are addicted to your comfort zone, which is a natural part of your survival mechanism. Your brain is designed to serve you by keeping you safe and therefore any major change, where you are thrust out of homeostasis, even if those changes are for your benefit feel very uncomfortable and you tend to move back to the familiar. Fear of any positive change is a very natural emotion and I assure you one, every super achiever on this planet feels too. The difference is that they feel the fear and still take calculated action, whilst average people allow themselves to be paralysed into inactivity by it.

When channeled properly Fear serves you

This sales training course will show you that fear is one of the most powerful and intense emotions you will ever feel and when channeled properly will actually support your success. The secret to success is not to ever try to kill your fear, but rather to tame and control it, for your benefit. When channeled correctly, fear can prepare and push you forward, just as strongly as it can hold you back. It heightens your awareness of everything around you, brings your mind into sharp focus and in extreme cases even increases your physical strength. With all these benefits, does it make sense to be frozen into inactivity? Learn the art of using your fear to unlock your greatness.

What else may be keeping you trapped?

OK, so if fear is not a reason to be stopped, then what else may be standing in your way right now? Could it be that you are waiting for the perfect circumstances, before you move forward? Let me tell you that, if you are going to wait for the perfect circumstances to be in place before you take action, you may be waiting for a very long time. Circumstances will never be perfect, unless you start to take action today, to make them so.

Sales Training to show you where do you start?

OK so if you are filled with fear and the right circumstances will probably never exist, when should you start? The answer is simple. The path towards the success or the vision of possibility you want, starts with you booming right where you are planted right now. Do what you can, where you are, with all you have, using your current circumstances as the starting point. Where you are right now is the perfect place to start.

As you know it is really easy to come up with plenty of excuses, why you can’t start right now. Let me tell you about a few I hear from my clients every day.

  • I don’t have enough time.
  • There are nor enough hours in a day to do it.
  • I don’t have the right job.
  • I haven’t met the right person yet.
  • I don’t have enough money.

The list of excuses goes on and on. I am sure there are plenty of your own, you could have added to the list above. My challenge to you today, is to stop the excuses and instead of thinking of hundreds of reasons why you cant. Rather come up with the one reason why you can. It is time to change your regrets of “IF ONLY” into “I WILL

Say things to yourself like:

  • I will make better use of my time.
  • I will increase my financial worth
  • I will improve my career
  • I will create and nurture great relationships

After reading this article, I want you to create a few of your own “I WILL” statements, which you can use daily to inspire positive activity, which will move you towards you vision or picture of possibility.

Take a Calculated Risk

You have so little to lose and so much to gain. This sales training course will guide you to see that, it is time for you to have faith in yourself. Yes of course change is going to fill you with fear and thrust you outside your comfort zone and you circumstances may not be ideal right now. This motivational Speakers presentation, will ask you whether you truly want to live your dreams, then face your fear and make the changes you need to make. Start where you are right now. I am certain that you have what it takes to succeed. Stop wishing and start doing. Now is the time to start using your time, energy, your and daily efforts to make it happen for you.

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Andrew Horton

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