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sales training courses ravingHow amazing would it be, if you could expand your sales force, to include every one of your customers. Where they are so enamoured by the level of service you provide, that they become raving fans and want to actively support you to acquire new customers. The way to turn your customers into raving fans, happens  automatically, when they are so over the moon, with you and your value proposition, that they don’t only tell their friends and colleagues about you, but they also edify you with them.

Can you imagine how easy selling becomes, when you have most of your existing customers raving about you and what you sell to everyone, who will listen?

Once you manage to consistently exceed your customers expectations and they see the exceptional value you offer, you will have recruited the best sales force around.  This sales force consists of very satisfied customers, who can offer first hand information to your prospects about the exceptional levels of service and value you bring to the table. There is no more powerful way to convince your prospects that you offer incredible value, than can be delivered from a very satisfied customer, who is already enjoying the fruits of your value proposition. A few words from someone, who has actually experienced that value first hand, carries far more weight than any marketing campaign ever could.

Spend six times more attracting customers

Research shows that businesses spend six times more on attracting and acquiring new customers, than they spend on up-selling, cross selling, on-selling or to provide exceptional levels of service to their existing customers. In other words, businesses invest six times as much to acquire new customers, instead of investing enough to ensure that their existing customers expectations are constantly met or even better exceeded. As crazy as it sounds, my experience shows that businesses are so busy concentrating their efforts on acquiring new customers, that they forget about consistently exceeding their existing customer’s needs. This means that a percentage of customers, acquired at great cost each year are lost to the competition every year.

Why Customers leave their Current Suppliers

While we are on the subject of frightening statistics, this one should really shock you. 68 % of customers, who leave their current supplier, do so simply because they feel there is a level of indifference on the part of their current supplier. So what is effectively happening, is that you are spending a fortune acquiring disgruntled customers from your competition every year and guess what, they are doing exactly the same.

Create Raving Fans

Imagine how your business would exponentially grow. If invested as much into consistently exceeding all their customers’ expectations, so that they did not only feel valued, but that they actually became raving fans. This would mean that they would, not only never want to move to your competition, but they would also reduce the acquisition cost of new customers too. They would effectively become an integral part of your sales and marketing strategy, as they actively offered you testimonials and referrals.

Show you Care

Turning your customers into raving fans, starts with you committing to show them that you really care and that you want to be of service to them. As you do this and you commit to consistently engage with them, from a modality of fair exchange, you will build loyalty with them.

Getting Started

I will share  a few ideas, on how to do that little bit extra for your customers. Here are a few simple ideas to help you to turn your customers into raving fans. When you consistently apply these tips, you will not only keep your existing customers, but they will start bringing their friends along for the ride too. They will effectively start shouting your name from the rooftops, telling people why they should be dealing with you.

Caring comes in many different, yet small ways.

  • Call to thank them for every order
  • Send hand written “Thank you” Cards, for really big orders or significant events
  • Learn and use everyone’s names as often as possible
  • Show everyone respect, irrespective of their position or role in the business
  • Consistently look for ways to exceed expectations
  • Send gifts on special occasions
  • Send hand written thank you notes for orders.
  • Send hand written birthday and special occasion cards.
  • Send them articles, which will be of service to them
  • Make regular calls to ensure that everything is on track. Ask for negative feedback. It is better to know things are not perfect, early on, rather than waiting until things have spiralled out of control and the customer moves to the competition.
  • Keep a record of all important events, children’s school plays, spots events they will participate in etc. and send hand written congratulatory notes or call them to show you remembered.
  • Provide all the information they need to utilise your product or service optimally
  • Cross sell or up sell, them all the products or service they need, ensuring that they receive the optimal value from you and you organisation.
  • Try to offer some sort of rewards program, reserved for special customers only. Make them feel special.
  • Constantly ask for suggestions, about how you can make their experience even better
  • Follow-up and oh yes of course, follow up again. You can never offer sufficient service.
  • Promise plenty and always deliver much, much more

As you can see none of the suggestions I have made above are very difficult at all. They are all easy to do, but unfortunately, they are also easy not to do. If you are committed to take your sales to the next level then, you must start to do more than your competitors and strive to consistently exceed your customers’ expectations. When you can consistently do this, your customers effectively become an extension to you and they become an active part of your sales efforts. The law of reciprocity always applies. The more you care about your customers, the more they will care about you and in return they will help you to grow your business.


Andrew Horton

Andrew Horton

andrew horton


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