Why does Selling get such a bad Rap?

sales training courses todayIt astounds me after so many years, where great sales professionals have worked tirelessly, to break the old stereotype of the guy wearing a cheap suite, trying to manipulate and pressure their customers into buying something that they don’t need and want that there are still so many people out there, who hold onto this flawed image, about selling. These same people also hold onto the wrong notion that selling is greedy, it is manipulative and even corrupt.

Negative Stereotype

This negative stereotype is very last century and does not have any place in the new age of selling, where sales professionals, are genuinely there, with their customers best interests at heart. They work tirelessly to ensure that their customers and prospects get exactly what they want, in a modality of fair exchange. This huge paradigm shift, has seen things shift from buyer beware to a new way of being, where it is now seller beware.

A new World of Selling

In the past if someone was unhappy about anything, relating to a purchase, they may have told a few friends and family, about their negative experience. Today that same person can post their concern on complaints forums or their social media platforms. This means that thousands of people will get to read about their bad experience. Buyers also have access to as much information, as the seller has. As such they are very well informed and so cannot be manipulated or given wrong or poor information, by unscrupulous salesman.

The World has changed

The old school style of selling is gone forever. It is time to replace that incorrect picture, which you hold in your mind, with a new one, depicting a very enthusiastic, energetic person, who wants to help you get the best value possible and form long term mutually beneficial relationship with you. The new sales professional, arrives at any sales meeting, thinking “How can I help you”?

Definition of Selling in the new Millennium

Dan Sullivan defines selling as “Getting someone intellectually engaged in a future result, which is good for them and then getting them to emotionally commit to take the action they need to take, to achieve that result” That incredible definition, describes the new sales professional, who is there to serve, support and build long term mutually relationships, with their prospects and customers, in a modality of fair exchange. It can never conjure up the picture of the old school style of selling, where someone is sitting with their feet braced firmly against their desk, trying to close a single transaction at any cost. Selling is the ability to positively influence people to see how they will benefit from something, which is in their best interest.

Selling is the Lifeblood of our Society

Look back over the past hundred years. How many break throughs do you think we could have achieved without the ability get people intellectually engaged in a future result, which was in every ones best interest. Nelson Mandela would not have been equipped to lead a nation to freedom. His ability to positively influence people to take action, which was in everyone’s best interest, saw the birth of a new nation. He sold millions of people on a better way of being. Mother Teresa was also a great sales person, who sold the world on the idea of supporting those less fortunate than you. So yes selling is not a negative concept. It is a crucial life skill, which has and will continue to positively change the world.

Sales professionals provide a future result, which beneficial to all parties

The new sales professional knows that if they wish to be successful in this new age of informed buyers, who can easily communicate with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people about any bad experience. They must always provide their customers with a future result, which is beneficial to both parties. Change your picture around selling and instead see a group of professionals, who are helpful, progressive and a crucial element necessary to create a better world for all. This new picture will support those incredible sales professionals out there to provide even better value to all stakeholders.

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