Sales Training – Dream – Plan – Take action Daily – Review Your Actions – Consistently Improve

Sales Training – Dream

Plan – Take action Daily – Review Your Actions – Consistently Improve

Awaken Your Desire to Dream Once Again

Your dreams are fragile, so if you continue to leave them exposed to assaults from all sides, the pressures from society and everyone around you, they will eventually shatter and disappear. It is time to re-awaken your dreams and for you to supply them with the extra strength and support they need to once again come to life. Have the courage to dream big dreams and dare to have huge expectations once again, about all the opportunities and greatness you can achieve. You are unique and special and there is no one else just like you on this planet. Have the courage to embrace your unique strengths and be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Be authentic and true to who you really are and awaken your imagination once again. Stop playing small because you are afraid to dream. Believe in possibility and your ability to invite success into your experience. Now break free from what you see with your eyes and allow your imagination to lift you beyond the average, by creating a vision of a future life, which surpasses the reality you have restricted yourself to believe is all you deserve. Dare to dream and allow them to infuse your spirit with energy and allow them to be the catalyst, which will spur you on to greatness.

The Process to Achieve Success is Simple

The secret to invite long term sustainable success into your experience is not shrouded in any mystery or hidden from view. It is a simple process of having dreams or huge expectations, which you believe you can achieve, clarifying them by developing a vision or direction for the future. Creating strategic action plan, which when acted upon daily, will move you towards these expectations or dreams. Finally regularly measuring your actions to ensure that they are aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve and improving or changing them until they do deliver the desired results. This is a never ending cycle and if you keep repeating this process, you will eventually succeed at anything.

No Plan is Perfect

As you know no plan is perfect, so to ensure that your daily activities are aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve, review them regularly and improve or change them if necessary, until they do achieve the outcomes you want. Keep repeating the cycle of “PLAN, DO, REVIEW and IMPROVE” until you achieve greatness. This will ensure that the daily actions you are taking are indeed the right ones necessary to achieve the success you really want.

Develop a Success Habit Set

The simple secret, which will make this all work for you, is to ensure that at first you use your self-discipline to support you to take the daily actions needed to succeed, until over time you will develop a success habit set, which will support you to perform them almost unconsciously every day.

Action Idea: Explore your dreams or expectations for the future and identify a few daily habits or new behaviours, which will support them. For example if you need to take goal specific action every day and you just can’t seem to find the time to carry them out, as you just seem to get caught up in your day. Develop the habit of planning your day the night before and schedule time into your day during this planning session, to allow you to carry out the goal specific actions you need to take daily.

When you are disciplined and you apply your willpower to encourage you to do this daily. After about 40 – 60 days, you will have developed a new daily habit, which will support your future success. Planning your day the night before and ensuring that nothing gets in the way of you taking goal specific action daily, will become an entrenched habit and you will unconsciously just do things that way going forward.

Discipline and Willpower

One of the greatest challenges you face, as you work to develop your new habit set, is that as easy as it is for you to apply discipline daily, to carry out all the activities, until they become your new entrenched habit set, so easy are they not to do. If you knew that a healthy dose of daily willpower was all that is holding you away from your dreams, what would you do? Well I am here to tell you that it is only a lack of self-discipline and willpower, which is robbing you of the meaning and fulfilment you desire. What do you choose to do with this new awareness? If you do nothing about it, something amazing is going to happen five years from now, NOTHING!!!!!!

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