Sales Training Expert, show you that It is your Birth-right to Dream

Sales Training todayOne of the most incredible things about being human, as shown to you by one of the best sales training experts, is our unquenchable ability to dream about living a better life. Not only can we dream about this life, but we also have the incredible ability, to create goals and action plans, which will deliver them to us. It is such a gift to be able to look within and to be able to travel to a better future. One filled with all the incredible wonder we desire and then have the further gift to create a path or plan to get you there. Wow we are all so special.

I was due to speak as a sales training expert at a sales conference the other day and was listening to the CEO wrap up his speech to his team. He was telling them that if they all pulled together they could improve results and get the company back to profitability. I was looking out over the audience and was watching their faces. Almost without exception, I could see the team staring blankly back at the CEO, thinking, so what’s in it for me.

The sad reality though was, despite the fact they were, asking the question “What’s in it for me”? I bet very few of them could actually tell you what they really wanted. None of the team had allowed themselves to dream for a very long time and so they knew they did not like where they were, but none of them had a clue where they wanted their lives to go either. IF you have no idea where you are going, you will arrive somewhere five years from now. The question is “WHERE
Action Idea: Set some quiet time aside and allow yourself to dream, once again. Reflect, think and listen to your inner knowing. What do you really want to experience in your future? Your dreams live within you. Dare to give yourself time to set them free. Allow them to soar to heights previously out of reach. Allow yourself to have huge expectations and allow yourself to dream about all the wondrous possibility available to you. Listen to your inner knowing and don’t limit yourself to thinking small.

Sales training tips to help you Write your goals down

I speak to so many people, who tell me that they don’t need to write their goals down. Something that important is committed to memory. They cannot forget about their dreams. I have no problem with thinking about your dreams throughout the day, this is a powerful process, which helps you to reinforce your commitment to take action, which will bring your goals and dreams to life. The challenge is that, if you do not have five minutes to write your goals down. Do you think you have the commitment to keep taking action for five years, until you succeed?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, with such an incredible idea; you were woken from a deep sleep. Those people, who write those ideas down, actually do something with the great idea. Those of you, who do not have more likely than not forgotten about it by the time they wake up. So if you can forget such an important thing, in only a few hours. How likely is it that you will remember your goals and more importantly to take action on them, if you have not written them down.

Writing a shopping list

Research shows that people, who do not write a shopping list, spend on average 15 – 20 % more than people, who have a written shopping list. They also take on average, about 30 minutes longer to shop than the people with a list. People with a list take about an hour to complete their monthly shopping, whilst people without a list take about one and a half hours to shop. This means that people with a plan save between 15 – 20 % on resources and also have about 50 % more time to focus on their success. If this does not convince you to write your goals down, I am not sure what it will take.

As one of the most informative motivational speakers in South Africa, I believe that the person responsible for keeping you trapped in a life, you do not enjoy, is no one other than you.

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Andrew Horton

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