Use our Sales Training to Make your Dreams Real

Use our Sales Training to Make your Dreams Real

This sales training course will ask you whether you ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE, WHO IS GOING THROUGH LIFE, STRUGGLING TO EARN A LIVING? Do you want to change things and become part of that group of people, who you see enjoying the fruits of their labors, where they have sufficient passive income, to cover their monthly living expenses. Well the good news is that the only thing standing between you and becoming one of those people, is “YOU”. By making a few crucial behavioral shifts, you can shift from struggling, to a place, where you can start making a fortune.

Life gives you exactly what you believe you deserve

The success or lack thereof, which you are currently experiencing in your life, is directly proportional to your belief around what you think you deserve. Your beliefs or feelings, lead to your thoughts, which in turn drive your actions and as you know your actions turn into the results you get to enjoy.

Action Idea: Find some quiet, alone time and search inwardly. What do you believe you deserve to earn? If you are unsure about your answer, then ask yourself, what is a realistic figure for me to earn each year? If that number is $ 100 000 a year, then that is your financial set point. If it is $ 100 000 000 a year, then that is your financial set point. You can never earn more than what you believe, is possible for you to earn each year.

Changing your Set point

Your financial set point is determined by so many factors. Most of which came from your parents, caregivers, teachers, coaches and anyone else who has had any influence over you as a child. Their beliefs, views and concept around money has molded, what you believe is possible, when it comes to money. I do not write this here to allow you to blame anyone else for your belief around money, but rather to help you understand where it has come from. Blame solves nothing, accepting 100 % responsibility for your current financial set point, is the first and most crucial step necessary to change it.

Interrogative Affirmations

I have always been a great believer in the power of affirmation and have created some really effective affirmation CD’s, which have helped both me and many of my clients, to improve our belief in both ourselves and our abilities. Since conducting research over the past few years, I have discovered an even more effective method of supporting people to positively change their belief in themselves. This is a combination of normal affirmation, like “You can do it, you have what it takes”, combined with Interrogative affirmation, where you ask positive enquiring questions like, “How can I earn $ 1 000 000 a year, what do I need to do, learn and become”? These interrogative affirmations, used in combination with normal affirmations, will get your creative juices flowing and get your brain to start thinking about possible solutions.

Your brain is an incredible success tool, which will search for the all the right answers, if you ask the right questions. The secret to make this work for you, is to avoid asking negative questions like, “What is wrong with me”, or “why cant I do it” etc. Those negative questions only serve to make you doubt yourself, even more. You need to ask positive, developmental questions, which highlight possibility, deliver solutions and make you believe in yourself.

Financially Wealthy People

Do you look up to financially wealthy people and admire their success or do you feel jealous about their good fortune? There is a huge distinction here. When you feel jealous or envious, you create negative feelings, which hold you back, whereas when you a can admire someone with financial wealth, you can look to discover their recipe and find ways to use it to invite similar levels of success into your own experience.

Action Idea: When you see people around you, who have more financial success than you have, do you, admire them or do you feel envious about their success? Find ways to appreciate the wealth they have accumulated and see their success, not as a threat, but as an indication of what is possible for you too. This unlocks your potential and puts you on the path towards financial success.

If someone else has achieved great financial success, all it does, is highlight possibility. It does not show you up in any way. The financially wealthy person is no better than you, they have just made a few different decisions, to the ones you have made. As soon as you get the right recipe and make a few different decisions, you too will start to share in the abundance, which is all around you.

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